FRieday FUNNeeeZ















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Always in search of interesting things to post. Armed with knowledge and dangerous with the ladies.
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32 Responses to FRieday FUNNeeeZ

  1. Carol says:

    That was “view Image” from somewhere. You can delete that, Den.


  2. Carol says:

    Trying it again


  3. Carol says:

    Heading back to the kitchen, have to make salads and Chicken Jambalaya. Mmm, mm good. I want to make potato pancakes, too, but holy cow, I’ll be in there, on my feet for 8 hours! Potato pancakes another day perhaps.


  4. Den says:

    “After all the recent security breaches at the White House, Julia Pierson, the director of the Secret Service, resigned today. She said she’ll miss being in the White House, but knowing the Secret Service, she should be able to come back any time she wants. The door is always open, literally.” –Jimmy Fallon

    “This week a reporter asked Mitt Romney if he would run again for president in 2016, and Romney said, ‘We’ll see what happens.’ Incidentally, that’s also what he says anytime his wife asks him to dance.” –Jimmy Fallon

    “In a new interview, Mitt Romney referred to Hillary Clinton as an ‘enabler’ of the president’s foreign policy. Which would be a big deal if that wasn’t the definition of being secretary of state.” –Jimmy Fallon

    “The Secret Service let an armed ex-convict ride on the same elevator as President Obama. No word yet on which NFL player it was.” –Conan O’Brien

    “Today the Secret Service director submitted her resignation. Actually she jumped the White House fence, ran across the lawn, dove through a window, and handed it to the president.” –Conan O’Brien

    “The Secret Service maintains they can use lethal force to stop someone from entering the White House. After hearing this, President Obama invited tea party leaders over for lunch.” –Conan O’Brien

    “The gay rights group GLAAD has released its annual report on TV. The History Channel got a very poor grade from GLAAD, which is why today the History Channel announced its new show, ‘Gay Hitler.'” –Conan O’Brien

    “We’re having a special night. Everybody here in the balcony is a White House fence jumper.” –David Letterman

    “Autumn is a beautiful time of year. At the White House, squirrels are rounding up nuts on the lawn, which is more than the Secret Service is doing.” –David Letterman

    “Secret Service Director Julia Pierson has resigned. She hopped the fence and thanked President Obama.” –David Letterman

    “A few weeks ago President Obama was riding in an elevator, and it turns out a guy on the elevator had a gun. This is pretty scary stuff. Not as scary as riding in an elevator with Ray Rice, but still scary.” –David Letterman

    “In California yesterday, Governor Jerry Brown signed the first state-wide ban on single-use plastic bags at grocery and convenience stores. I think it’s very interesting that a guy named Brown is forcing us to buy paper bags.” –Jimmy Kimmel

    “Today the director of the Secret Service, Julia Pierson, resigned. She’s being replaced by the White House’s new state-of-the-art security system – a scarecrow.” –Seth Meyers

    “Julia Pierson resigned but she remained in good spirits on her way out. She even politely held the door for some weird guy who was coming in.” –Seth Meyers

    “Scientists in northern California and Oregon found that marijuana gardens are threatening the salmon population. I don’t see the problem, really. Everyone loves baked salmon.” –Seth Meyers


  5. David B. Benson says:

    What can I say?


  6. º¿carol says:

    Oh, heck. I tried to take a photo from Media Fire where I uploaded some of my pictures, it didn’t work from there. You can delete that post, too, Den.


  7. David B. Benson says:

    Subtle, subdued sunset.


  8. Den says:

    Fire nearby has went to 55% containment, the King fire is 100%, progress is a wonderful thing.
    Still in the 80’s during the day. 60’s overnite here, cool snap expected next week, Doc will be getting rain.


  9. º¿carol says:

    I’m poking around out there, but is there a clue as to what the URL should say so I know it’s the correct one?


  10. David B. Benson says:

    Did a tour of Moscow Times plus all comments. Speechless.


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