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Always in search of interesting things to post. Armed with knowledge and dangerous with the ladies.
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11 Responses to Friday Funeez

  1. Den says:

    “The heroic New York doctor who caught Ebola has been declared Ebola free. President Obama called the doctor to thank him for his selflessness and compassion. Then to be safe, Obama threw his phone in a trash can and lit it on fire.” –Jimmy Fallon

    “People in China criticized President Obama for chewing gum while entering the economic summit in Beijing. They’re saying he looked like a rapper. Then again, to be fair, in China I look like a rapper.” –Conan O’Brien

    “At the economic summit in China, Vladimir Putin is being accused of flirting with the first lady of China. Then again, Putin does have a history of not respecting boundaries. ” –Conan O’Brien

    “Stocks are at an all-time high today. I don’t have any money in the stock market. I don’t have the stomach for the ups and downs. So about 20 years ago I put all of my money and liquid assets into videotape rewind machines.” –David Letterman

    “Once you’re president, you can’t go anywhere without causing trouble. President Obama shows up in China, he’s chewing gum, they go crazy. A big stink because the president’s chewing gum. And you think, the Chinese are so easygoing about human rights. What’s the problem?” –David Letterman

    “Child labor, not a problem. Censorship, not a problem. Torture, not a problem. Chewing gum in China — oh, my God! You better not be over here chewing gum.” –David Letterman

    “The European Space Agency landed a probe on a comet 317 million miles from Earth. When you get discouraged by how much attention people pay to Kim Kardashian’s buttocks, remember that there are also people out there that know how to land a spacecraft on a moving comet 317 million miles away. They’re out there.” –Jimmy Kimmel

    “According to a new report, Detroit, Michigan, is the most dangerous city in the country with Oakland, California, coming in second. And the third most dangerous was somehow Detroit again.” –Seth Meyers


  2. Den says:

    The Supremes have spoken!


  3. David B. Benson says:

    It must be Friday.


  4. º¿carol says:

    Dog-gone-it, I forgot to come here again yesterday! I’m down to only 4 places I visit each day and when I forget one, I’m shocked.

    Den is getting better, Jim is so-so, it’s cold where Doc lives and a stranger passing Doc said, hello Mr. Benson. Hmm.


  5. º¿carol says:

    Have a little bit of white on the ground. Nothing worth shoveling, thank goodness. Our Upper Peninsula got about 3 feet several days ago. I’m glad we don’t live in the U.P.


  6. David B. Benson says:

    I managed, all unknowing, to goof it up with Alice.


    • Den says:

      Perhaps you sub-conscientiously set up a failure point to sabotage yourself.
      Or you goofed it up through inattention to certain details.
      Or she did not consider it such a failure and you are imagining the off.
      Or you are half a century apart in age and just cannot hook up with today’s youth .
      What you seek may not be attainable in this lifetime, find your comfort area now.


  7. jim hitchcock says:

    A new cheese to me.

    From The Straight Dope website:

    “Maytag blue cheese was originally invented by Fritz Maytag, son of the founder of the appliance company, working in conjunction with Iowa State University. Thankfully, Maytag blue cheese production does not require aging the cheese in a washing machine, nor that a friendly Maytag repairman be involved in the cheese making process. Although he’s a nice enough fellow to ask around for tea.”


  8. David B. Benson says:

    Concert over. Cold walking home in 14 °F weather.

    No sooner home than find out today is Brandon’s 21st b’day.


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