Saturday Viewing & Reading


What’s better than a year-end list? A year-end list . . . from space.

As of July this year, there were 1,235 satellites in operation by countries around the world tracking everything from carbon dioxide to the weather. Throw in the International Space Station and you’ve got one heck of an Earth-observing system circling this fair planet.

The images and data from that system provides a perspective on the natural processes that shape the world and reveals the ways that humans are altering it. And they can make even everyday things look otherworldly. Like lightning. Lightning is even cooler from space.



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17 Responses to Saturday Viewing & Reading

  1. Den says:

    Lunchtime! Finally getting going here, sunny and chilly outside, 50 tops today, freezing temps overnight, gas logs worked all night. I’m no fan of cold weather after spending 30 years in cold weather Hell, might head south if the house sells.


  2. David B. Benson says:

    Snow on the ground this three French hen day.


  3. David B. Benson says:

    Golf shoes?


    • Den says:

      Yes, the spikes on the bottoms work good on ice and packed snow, just go to the thrift store and buy some a couple sizes bigger so your wool socks will fit, falling on ice usually means a head whack.


      • David B. Benson says:

        So far my North Face hiking shoes and when its deep my mukluks work fine.

        Thanks for the suggestion.


        • Den says:

          Yup, it’s all about grip on ice, those work too, I gave away my mukluks but kept the liners(felt) Got em on right now, feet toasty without sweating. 66 indoors.


  4. º¿carol says:

    Hello, and I’m late. Stuff to do then Jill & Brian came over for the evening and we played games. This is the second time they’ve come over recently, been so nice to have company.

    One of tonight’s two games was “The Newlywed Game.” Bob and I have been married 51 years, Jill & Brian practically just met (January) and aren’t married. They won by the way, but the questions are geared to people who just got married. In our case, “What was your first kiss like?” Neither of us could remember, lol. “What color was your wife’s night ware on your wedding night?” We didn’t know, I mean…..

    Jill and Brian beat us because they remember their first kiss, it just happened. Other “first questions” like that did us in. we had fun though, had a couple really good laughs. Jill especially, she was in tears, lol!

    I got nothing else so I’m going downstairs to write names in on my 2015 calendar. I always pen in all the pertinent dates, birthdays, anniversaries or just dates I want to mark, like death dates, then hang it next to me here in the computer room. I like to keep ahead of the game so I don’t forget special dates. Going down now to pen it all in. I’ll put in a video I made to be my background. See ya tomorrow.


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