Moronity Monday


Six years, two environmental reviews, one presidential delay, two Nebraska trials and innumerable rallies, commercials and op-eds later, the decision to grant a federal permit to the Keystone XL pipeline has now entered its home stretch, as the Obama administration moves to determine if the project is in the national interest.

The Congressional push to land a bill mandating approval for the Keystone XL has attracted most of the media attention, as has the president’s vow to veto it. But parallel to the Congressional Keystone campaign, the State Department has quietly revived the national interest determination process after the Nebraska State Supreme Court tossed a challenge to the pipeline’s route through the state. The administration had suspended the national interest determination process last spring while the case was pending.

The State Department asked eight federal agencies to weigh in on the national interest determination before Secretary of State John Kerry and, ultimately, the president determine the pipeline’s fate. They are: the Environmental Protection Agency, the Pentagon and the Departments of Energy, Justice, Interior, Commerce, Transportation and Homeland Security. Their comments are due Monday, February 2.



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10 Responses to Moronity Monday

  1. º¿carol says:

    Michigan is closed for the day. Looks like a foot of snow if not more that has to be pushed off all the roads and out of all the parking lots. Most businesses, etc. are closed. The Detroit Free Press claims it’s the biggest snowstorm in 40 years. Article says 16.7″ of snow.

    Jill’s Brian was over her place at the crack of dawn, fixed her quad cable and spent two hours clearing her drive. She’s thinking she should have just spent the $70 and her a guy named Rocky come over with his pickup truck and blade, bim, bam, boom.

    Brian is here now, been snow blowing for me while his dad is stuck in Whitmore Lake. I won’t ask him to do my trail to the bird feeders and bonfire pit. I’ll do that and let him go help his dad.



  2. º¿carol says:

    I still say Obama will approve the pipeline. I’ve been saying that for years and years. I sure hope I’m wrong. It LOOKS like I’m wrong with a veto threatened. But that could just be theater.


  3. Den says:

    No snow here, no Winter here, 60’s again and dry, too dry, got to get busy preparing the new digs for occupancy, needs updating and improvements, it’s what I do, better get to it.


  4. David B. Benson says:

    Overnight snow melting. Soon gone.


  5. David B. Benson says:

    Saw a blue heron fly off while on a 45 minute stick walk to the Birch & Barley.

    First one I’ve seen in Pullman.


  6. º¿carol says:

    Well, after Brian left I used the machine to make a trail around the house, put the snow blower away then got a birthday card off the kitchen table that I need to mail today and walked down to the road. They did it again. My mail box was hit by a snowplow. Last year the box was knocked off so we bought a new one. Joe from down the road installed it for us.

    This time the plow moved the horizontal wood the box sits on. It was facing to the right. I thought about putting my card in there for Suzie but then pushed the wood over, hoping to aim it right, maybe get it fixed later. It fell off, the wood with my mailbox still attached. What did I do? Burst into tears, of course. It’s awful with Bob too sick to do anything anymore. We have to find someone to fix things like that, that’s why I got upset. If Bob was well he would have fixed it today.

    I was going to ask Brian to put the card in the mailbox when he left. Too bad I didn’t do that because he would have fixed it right then. He fixes up houses. There isn’t anything he can’t do. Alas, I didn’t ask him and now we have to wait.

    I’ll have to drive into town tomorrow to mail the card and pick up today’s mail. I didn’t want to have to drive anywhere, I’m sure there’s still a layer of snow on the roads. It was quite cold today so no melting went.


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