Thursday Drone Thuggery

Bully Control Central

Bully Control Central

In May 2013, faced with persistent reports of drones killing civilians, President Obama announced that no strike would be authorised unless there was: “near certainty that no civilians would be killed or injured.” It was, he said, “the highest standard we can set.”

The new rule seemed to make a difference. Before the speech the US had, according to Bureau of Investigative

Journalism data, mounted 371 strikes in Pakistan that killed between 416 and 953 civilians.

Since the speech, 42 strikes have killed between 0 and six civilians. Or, put another way, there has been no confirmed civilian death as a result of a drone strike in Pakistan since the speech.

The drop in the number of strikes is not solely explained by the near-certainty standard constraining drone operators. The Pakistan government’s attitude has also affected the frequency of drone attacks.

In late 2013, for example, Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif complained that US drone strikes had ruined his attempt to open up a dialogue with the Taliban.

Accepting Sharif’s demand for a ceasefire so that he could try to negotiate a settlement, the US suspended its strikes for several months.

As for the sharp drop in the number of civilians killed per strike, improved technology is making a difference. Drones can now stay airborne longer and their missiles have smaller explosive yields.

There is also speculation about new methods of marking targets. According to the rumour mill in the Pakistani city of Peshawar, the US now has some kind of dust that can be sprayed or brushed onto a vehicle. Invisible to the human eye, the dust can be seen by drones that can then fire on the vehicle once it is in an isolated area away from civilians.



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12 Responses to Thursday Drone Thuggery

  1. Den says:

    Meanwhile with Obomber sucking up to the masses in an attempt to direct attention away from his status as Chief Killing Officer, the drones continue to kill more than ‘suspected’ terrorists daily, GITMO remains open for torture, while thousands of troops waste their lives and limbs thinking they are ‘protecting our country’ conducting death missions.

    The daily march to death and dismemberment by volunteers ruthlessly being shined on to keep the death delivering machine alive and the corporate puppeteers profits in the black while blood flows in the streets of the Middle East.

    No one could have planned to have us playing the part of Satan better than the Thugs Inc.


  2. Den says:

    Rain expected to arrive Friday with a vengeance, multi-inches expected. Unfortunately the storm is not cold enough to add to the snowpack up the hill.

    My re-wiring of the Rodney’s Garage will soon be complete, then it is on to the plumbing upgrades, have no fear, there will be no loss of coffee or donuts or piping-hot oatmeal during the process.

    Dig in!


  3. º¿carol says:

    Nothing to report from this end. It hasn’t snowed again, and it’s pretty cold out. It was -8 when I got up this morning. Not going out tonight.


  4. David B. Benson says:

    At concert end, 9:10 pm, a glimpse of Alice but not even a chance to wave.


  5. Den says:

    Back to MH’s, no not yet, the main task at present is to relocate all my household goods to the new location, once that is accomplished I will research a MH further, I must have the house proceeds to use for payment on whatever, I like Karsten and Skyline, negotiations needed with both suppliers before plunking down the cash on anything.

    Just going one GIANT step @ a time, my feet hurt already.

    Sweet dreams ahead, hope she’s pretty, zzzzzzzzz


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