Thursday Bear Topix


Scientists studying the effects of Arctic melting have found themselves in what you could call the Polar Bear Wars.

On one side, a sizeable group of researchers have spent decades documenting the connection between the rapid melting of sea ice and declines in polar bear health and survival.

On the other, a handful of scientists who have observed polar bears eating nontraditional prey on land—like goose eggs and berries—have hypothesized that could mitigate the loss of their icy habitat as the globe warms. Studies from this side have spawned misleading headlines such as, “Polar Bears Just Might Outlive Us All.”

Inside Climate News


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19 Responses to Thursday Bear Topix

  1. David B. Benson says:

    Not the best for the highly specialized polar bears.


  2. David B. Benson says:

    Noticed Luke and friends leaving the Hillside Cafe just now.


  3. David B. Benson says:

    Iran nuclear accord?


    • º¿carol says:

      Saw people mentioning it in the FB news feed, but I haven’t read any articles about it. I’ll just take their word for it, something got done by Obama today.


  4. David B. Benson says:

    Past 5. Cheers!


  5. Den says:

    Pretty sparse in these parts including thyself, a more apt definition; dwindling.
    It appears people have moved beyond blogs into cocoons filled with text buddies, computer use accross the board has decreased in favor of tablets and smartphones, I’m publishing on a dinosaur laptop, how incredibly primitive.

    Would the last one to leave please turn out the lights


  6. º¿carol says:

    Had to run up to Lowe’s today to get the grab bar for the bathtub wall. The work on the john starts tomorrow around noon. This is so weird, having the bathroom remodeled with new fixtures. Can’t wait until it’s Monday and the job is finished. Easter Sunday dinner is right there in front of me, so much on my mind recently. I need a vacation, but what’s a vacation?


  7. º¿carol says:

    I have to get a bunch of kitchen stuff done tomorrow morning before Brian gets here because maybe the water will be turned off? What do I know. Maybe he’ll only turn it off in the john. I know nothing about how the plumbing works.


  8. Den says:

    I decide to cross a llama with a sheep and got a llameep, now what do I do with it? sell it to the zoo or not discriminate and count it with the rest??

    Oh well while you are busy thinking about that I’m going to sllameep.


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