Sunny Sunday


Forget the fabled Loch Ness Monster. Now we’ve got something else just as strange at Scotland’s famous lake where, according to legend, a prehistoric beast makes its home.

Move over, Nessie, UFOs seem to take a liking to your backyard. A tourist unexpectedly photographed what looks like a pair of disc-shaped objects flying above the water of the 22-mile-long freshwater lake.



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21 Responses to Sunny Sunday

  1. Den says:

    That UFO must have been moving mighty fast and the camera caught mid flight making it look like two, for that millisecond the camera caught it pulsing through the air.
    Probably space tourists.


  2. Den says:

    Doc no AC in the garage just the office.


  3. David B. Benson says:

    @ Banyans after the usual 35 minutes. Sunday brunch.


    • David B. Benson says:

      According to the two clocks 37–38 minutes back downhill. I’ll call it 35. So a nominal 70 minutes to start the week.


  4. David B. Benson says:

    Trip to the grocery store seems to have taken only 21 minutes. Odd as usually takes about half an hour.


  5. David B. Benson says:

    That was easy. Indeed one of the two circuit breakers has failed. So the next step is to call an electrician. I had opened up the circuit breaker panel earlier and decided that I didn’t want to attempt replacing the failed breaker and its mate myself.


    • º¿carol says:

      Don’t mess with that kind of thing, spend the money, call a repairman.


    • Den says:

      That makes sense, it was the control side of the 220 that made it inoperative. the dryer picks off voltage from one leg of the two 110 each circuits. If you switched breakers the dryer would operate but with no or low heat with the one leg missing. Congratulations on you metering skills!
      I have changed breakers and installed entire electrical panels before, but for a ‘newbie’ it’s best to rely on a licensed electrician. There are many types of breaker panels and they all have their own style breakers, a pro can fix U up.


  6. º¿carol says:

    Grandson had his recital today, turned out to be pretty nice. Lots of groups of kids performing but it wasn’t that long, and they were all so cute. Ages from around Nick’s 5, to young teenagers.

    Then we ate out! WOO HOO! I was so happy to not have to cook, or eat MY food at home, that I paid the bill. WTF. With $10 tip, $65.


  7. º¿carol says:

    Weather report: We’ve had off and on rain this past week. Today? I had to leave the house at 12:45 to get to my son’s house by 1:00 up in Lansing and it poured rain half way. I mean, headlights, slowing down.

    And talk about muggy! HOLY SHIT! It’s a good thing we have the A/C now or poor Bob. When I went out at 8:30 for my hour or more gadabout, my hair was soon stuck to my head, my face and arms were clammy. REALLY humid, probably 100%. Our humidity gauge is up on the pool deck rail and always reads 98% because of the pool water being so close. The clock/humidity gauge on the back of the house said it was over 100% but we don’t trust that one. So, I’ll just said, “BOY, is it humid.”

    p.s. Zero mosquitoes so far, so I made sure I walked everywhere during the dusk because I’m sure they’ll start hatching and I’ll be confined to the house until it’s full dark. Oh, well. That’s life.


  8. Den says:

    It is time to converse with the LLamas once again, until tomorrow then…


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