Jump Out a Window Monday


US stock markets collapsed on Monday, continuing a global stock market rout that has wiped hundreds of billions of dollars off shares across the world.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped more than 1,000 points shortly after the markets opened, but recovering to be down 210 points, or 1.3%, shortly before noon.

The biggest ever one-day drop on record is 777 points, during the height of the financial crisis.



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10 Responses to Jump Out a Window Monday

  1. º¿carol says:

    I finally watched the first repub debate. Skimmed through it actually. Found myself talking out loud, telling them the truth of things. That’s why I quit watching the Sunday morning talk shows. I kept yelling at the TV because all they had on were republicans.

    As for the stockmarket? Bob pulled the money out of his small 401(k) a couple years ago and stuck it in the bank where it earns nothing, but at least they can’t take it from us. He still has a mutual fund out there that they’ll probably take before we do.

    Still, I know nothing about stocks. No clue how it all works, never needed to know about that since we’ve never been rich. So, if they say it crashes, this happens, that happens….whatever. Goes over my head, even after I read an article like the one you posted. *phyttt*


  2. David B. Benson says:

    Evening stick walk was 42 minutes. Moon acceptable color. Still hazy but much less than yesterday.


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