Apollo Thursday


If you’ve ever wanted to experience space from the perspective of an astronaut, here’s your chance.

This week, NASA released 11,660 photos from its Project Apollo Archive, over 8,400 of which are from the agency’s lunar missions. Astronauts carrying modified Hasselblad cameras shot every photograph, making this collection an incredibly thorough and personal collection of pictures.

The archive documents the Apollo space program, from the Apollo 7 mission, the first manned test flight in the lunar landing program in 1968, to Apollo 17, the final lunar mission in 1972. It includes beautiful photos of Earth, close-ups of the moon’s surface and even astronaut selfies. You can see some of the shots in the video above.

The best part is, all of these photos are public domain and freely available to view.

You can check out all the photos on the Project Apollo Archive’s official Flickr account.


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18 Responses to Apollo Thursday

  1. Den says:

    New Moon:


    • º¿carol says:

      It’s almost the real new moon, October 12. Moon has been gone awhile now, when it gets dark on my walks, it’s dark.

      October 12 is the day my dad died in 1963. I was 18.


  2. º¿carol says:

    Pete was off work, dropped Nicholas off at school here in Dansville and spent the day with us. His Red Cross job is great, lots of time off so he’s been hanging out with us quite a bit.

    Today, we went out and he helped me get some landscaping jobs done. I’m always whining that I need a Mexican, turns out Pete is my Mexican, and I didn’t have to pay him!

    My big poplar that I had topped by my tree people a couple years ago started growing some branches and Pete got rid of every single one. Now it’s back to being tree with a face and a penis and two arms, reaching up for the sky. LOOKS PERFECT!!! Back to how I planned it should look.

    Then I had a collapsed pallet box that I used as a compost bin. Over the years it had rotted away, choked in weeds, Pete pulled the thing out of there, piled the pieces of wood in my lawn cart and while he worked on the tree with a face, I cleaned up the place. Raked, pulled weeds, weed roots galore, beat on the leftover compost and spread it around. Got the tractor out and ran over all the weeds and chopped them up.

    THEN, the huge Honey Locust in the middle of the back yard has a lot of dead branches in the middle, Pete got all of them out and I pruned the branches I have to duck under when mowing. I have to do that to that tree at the beginning of summer, and in the fall. Neverending.

    He left just after 2:30. I took care of Quincy, watched a couple Judge Judy’s then cleaned up the east side of the house. Man, did I have the maple trees coming up in there. The maples up the drive put out millions of seed ever spring, those things are coming up in every nook and cranny. Including in the gutter on the back of the garage. Right over the downspout, two little trees. Pete will take care of that next time.

    I can’t wait for my evening walk so I can admire all the projects we got done today.

    Now for the news. I have exactly one hour for that, been going out at 7:00 now.


  3. David B. Benson says:

    Wonder why the Hasselblads were modified.


    • jimhitchcock says:

      From Popular Photography:

      “The camera looks mostly like a typical Hasselblad, but it has some very distinct modifications that made it usable by astronauts. One of the biggest changes is that there’s no mirror or waist-level finder to reduce weight. The knobs have been enlarged so they can be operated in huge moon gloves, and the handle on the dark slide (thin piece of metal that allows you to change film backs without exposing your film) has a larger handle that’s easier to grab.”


  4. Den says:


  5. Den says:


  6. Den says:


  7. Den says:


  8. Den says:

    Started following David on Twitter so I get what he posts there.
    Still stirring shit up, good for him! Have a semi-fresh donut, DWF is buyin.


  9. David B. Benson says:

    Disfunctional Congress out to wreck America.


  10. Den says:

    Off to the ArrrVeee for now, will post more Corn or you can access it yourself @twitter


  11. David B. Benson says:

    Towards tonight’s concert.


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