FuNeY BlAk FrIdAy















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14 Responses to FuNeY BlAk FrIdAy

  1. jimhitchcock says:

    We live in odd times…things I couldn’t imagine when I was young are now common place. Still, it’s my overarching belief that taken as a whole, the idiots, the terrorists, the pesky mosquitoes of humanity who want to influence my life, are just sideshow. It’s the friends I make in my travels that are the sum total of my existence.

    How’s that for cheesy 2 bit philosophy? ­čÖé


  2. ┬║┬┐carol says:

    I’m here. Sorry I missed so many days in a row. I was frankly shocked, thought I only missed coming here Thursday.

    Cooked the Thanksgiving Day dinner yesterday, it was yummy, of course. Bob and I just finished eating some leftovers, a complete meal actually. Mmm. Tomorrow, turkey sandwiches. In my case, with an inch of mayonnaise.

    After dinner we took Bob to see Pete & Sara’ new house. It was hard on Bob and he thought he was having a good day. That changed after he ate. But we had the wheel chair for most of it although he had to get himself up into the house.

    All the snow melted, gone, poof. It’s been warmish again and it keeps raining. Grass is still green, I like that.

    I didn’t get around to my two newspapers yesterday either. Guess I better go catch up on the obituaries.

    Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.


  3. ┬║┬┐carol says:

    My gig limit was reached yesterday. Only have to suffer until midnight though, so that’s not too bad. NOW I’ll try to load the Detroit Free Press.


  4. David B. Benson says:

    It snowed a little this morning so the ways were a bit slow with a skeen of snow and ice in shady places. Ice on the slow parts of the river. So 47 minutes to the Birch & Barley for gumbo soup. With a porter of course.


  5. Den says:

    Doorbuster special, more cold air for our old bones here. arrrggghhh!


  6. David B. Benson says:

    What do Alaska, California and Connecticut have in common?


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