Saturday Loop


Eight Ball in the corner pocket? Not on Alex Bellos’ billiard table. It has no corner pockets—indeed, it has no corners whatsoever. Bellos, a British journalist who covers sports and mathematics, combined his two obsessions to create a unique game that he dubbed Loop.

While working on his book The Grapes of Math, Bellos became fascinated by the ellipse. “The shape has these wonderful geometrical properties that we’ve known about since the ancient Greeks,” he says. Instructors frequently illustrate these properties by describing how balls would rebound on an elliptical pool table. Bellos decided to bring that thought experiment to life, refining a set of rules for a two-player game that takes full advantage of the shape.

Loop requires a cue ball, three colored balls, and an elliptical table with one uncharitably small pocket. The billionaire quantitative investor David Harding—a noted benefactor of worthy scientific causes—underwrote the five-figure cost of a single luxuriously appointed Loop table. “If any American billiard companies want to produce more, I’d love to work with them,” Bellos says.



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9 Responses to Saturday Loop

  1. º¿carol says:

    Whoa, I like the idea of that game table. Neat.

    My new month with Exede started over at midnight, but my speed is still close to dial-up speed. 😦 How miserable. When this contract is up next fall I should go back to Freedom Net. I’ll have at least 2.00 mbps and NO gig limit.

    We’re watching “Mad Max Freedom Road,” but Bob head to use the john. Intermission.


  2. David B. Benson says:

    Those 3 states are the only ones with better than a D+ government transparency index.


  3. Den says:

    Well it’s more shit for old Den. The Miata developed a bad miss, turns out the 99 and 2000 Miatas had bad coils that would intermittently quit, lucky fukin me, $100+ bucks for the parts, I do the work. The fine folks @ Mazda won’t fix it even though it is well known issue, eat it customer!
    At least I have a place to work out of the wind, brrrrr
    Saturday is the Monday of the weekend when, just like Monday, everything goes wrong.


  4. Den says:

    Body feeling better, not all there yet but promising, getting back to main RA pains.
    Off to the races with redneck locals…


  5. David B. Benson says:

    Switched to winter weight clothes for the short walk down to the Nuevo Vallarta. Foggy frost out.


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