Sunny Sunday

PopQuiz: How many Sun's in this picture? Answer: Plenty

PopQuiz: How many Sun’s in this picture?
Answer: Plenty

Welcome to Harlequin Beetle Airlines, where the skies aren’t so much friendly as they are sexually awkward. The passengers are teeny-tiny arachnids called pseudoscorpions, which crawl under a harlequin beetle’s wings and latch on with their claws and strap in with silken seat belts. The dominant males among the pseudos shove other males off and get busy with a harem of females right on the back of the harlequin—itself a bizarre creature whose males tread on wildly elongated front legs.



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Always in search of interesting things to post. Armed with knowledge and dangerous with the ladies.
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10 Responses to Sunny Sunday

  1. º¿carol says:

    Another warm day. Got up to 62°. I worked on the basement, discovered soot from the chimney of our oil furnace escaping way more than usual. Need the furnace guy out here, tout suite.


  2. Den says:

    Yes it’s bug Sunday @ DWF. Only the most interesting and least visually offensive bugs have been selected for your enjoyment.

    Coffee in the corner, X-Mas cookies on the side, dig in!


  3. David B. Benson says:

    Device scrubbed my comment.


  4. David B. Benson says:

    @ the Hillside Cafe.


  5. Den says:

    It’s good Chili weather. (pun intended)


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