Troublesome Tuesday

Booger Check

Booger Check

Suddenly, and without almost anyone noticing, the war against ISIS in Syria and Iraq is developing and growing rapidly. Some elements are already clear enough: they include the expansion of ISIS-controlled territory in Libya, the attacks in Paris and California, the increasing involvement of Russia, and the decision of the British parliament to authorise UK air-attacks in Syria.

Those are all significant changes. But they are decidedly less important than another development, one that resonates with the experience in the early days of the Iraq war in April 2003.

That war had started on 20-21 March. Within three weeks, United States marines and army units had got to Baghdad and the Saddam Hussein regime had collapsed; three more weeks, and President George W Bush could don a flying-jacket and jet out to the USS Abraham Lincoln to give his confident “mission accomplished” speech from the carrier’s flight-deck.

True, there was at the time looting and disorder in Baghdad, and early indications of a revolt. But the expectation was that peace would be restored, Iraq would make a successful transition to a pro-western state, and most of the coalition troops would leave within months.

Already, though, something different seemed to be happening, with reports in the US media that the Pentagon was planning to establish four large bases for airforce and army units, with every intention that these would at least be long-term projects and quite possibly permanent (see “Permanent occupation?”, 24 April 2003) Now it was becoming clear what the Bush administration was about: a military operation that would determine US influence across the region for many years to come.

Juan Cole


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10 Responses to Troublesome Tuesday

  1. Den says:

    Worthless humans like the one pictured above need to go away by any means possible so peace-loving people can live without threat.

    Hunt them down, put them in cages like the animals they are, food and clothing optional.


  2. David B. Benson says:

    Almost no clouds so a longer evening during the stick walk down to Swilly’s for a pasta dinner.


    • David B. Benson says:

      It was 26 minutes to Swilly’s and then 16 minutes up the p. stairs to Sloan.

      Day 3: 26+16=42 minutes.


      • º¿carol says:

        I always plan to google a map of your neighborhood so I can see where you wander. Then I never find the time. 😦 It would be fun watching the paths you take. You know, kind of like following you around. Wish I had time. Maybe after Christmas and all THAT work is behind me.


  3. Den says:

    Still cold, spilled beer all over after bumping the bottle slightly, carpet, furniture, floor, sweats all got it, place smells like a stinky bar now, arrrrggghhh!!!!


  4. º¿carol says:

    DEN WAS RIGHT ABOUT MY FURNACE! Furnace guy came out this morning, the nozzle was the problem, not dispersing the oil efficiently. It caused all the excessive soot that fell out of the chimney pipe. Must remember, “DEN IS ALWAYS RIGHT ABOUT MECHANICAL THINGS! Our resident M.I.T. almost-graduate. THANK you, Den. I’ll trust you even more now.

    We’ll call them out again in the summer to open the pipe, clean it out, put it back together and seal it. House and chimney/flue pipe will be 38 years old, falling apart like the rest of us.


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