Time Travel Saturday


The date of New Year’s Day seems so fundamental that it’s almost as though nature ordained it. But New Year’s Day is a civil event. Its date isn’t precisely fixed by any natural seasonal marker.

Our modern celebration of New Year’s Day stems from an ancient Roman custom, the feast of the Roman god Janus – god of doorways and beginnings. The name for the month of January also comes from Janus, who was depicted as having two faces. One face of Janus looked back into the past, and the other peered forward to the future.

For us in the Northern Hemisphere, early January is a logical time for new beginnings. At the December solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, we had the shortest day of the year. By early January, our days are obviously lengthening again. This return of longer hours of daylight had a profound effect on cultures that were tied to agricultural cycles. It has an emotional effect on people even in cities today.

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Always in search of interesting things to post. Armed with knowledge and dangerous with the ladies.
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20 Responses to Time Travel Saturday

  1. David B. Benson says:

    After weeks of oversleeping now days of undersleeping.

    Anyway, clear and cold this morning.


  2. º¿carol says:

    Den, go get your gall bladder out. I guess people can live w/o one. Several of my son’s friends, all around 45 to 50, had their out a few years ago. Everyone seems to be doing fine.


  3. º¿carol says:

    Carolized our bedroom today. Rearranged the bookcases on each side of the bed, moved another one from one side of the north window to the other. LOTS of dusting involved but I made room. I want to drag in this tall shelf I have in the spare bedroom that holds all our picture albums. That will be next week’s project.

    Once that tall shelf is out of the spare room, I’ll turn the twin bed around and keep it pulled away from the wall so when someone uses and and I have to make the damn thing, I’ll be able to w/o having to kneel on the bed, trying to push the blankets and bedspread down to neatness. Such a pain!


  4. Den says:

    Slept till 11, body doing a catchup I guess, pleasant dreams too, muscle pain reduced also allowing more laydown time.


  5. Den says:

    Laundry half way done, checking online stuff, chili bomb dinner coming up, cannot assure survival.


  6. Den says:

    Saudi’s lopped the head off a Shiite cleric and all hell is breaking loose.
    The Lunatics are on the warpath in greater numbers today, thanks to our Allies.


  7. David B. Benson says:

    Currently 18 degrees of frost so I don’t go out to smoke much. I suppose that is good for me. 😐


  8. Den says:

    Need beans-n-beer…


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