Saturday Better Read This


After observing recent events involving Chipotle and e.coli, here’s my analysis of the situation: Chipotle’s e.coli outbreaks are not random chance. They are the result of the biotech industry unleashing bioterrorism attacks against the only fast food company that has publicly denounced GMOs.

How do we know? The CDC has already admitted that some of these e.coli outbreaks involve a “rare genetic strain” of e.coli not normally seen in foods. Furthermore, we also know the track record of the biotech industry engaging in the most criminal, dirty, sleazebag tactics imaginable against any person or company that speaks out against GMOs.

Doctor Oz, for example, was maliciously targeted in a defamation campaign funded by the biotech industry earlier this year. The onslaught against Oz was initiated because he publicly expressed his support for honest GMO labeling on foods.

As the attacks escalated, Doctor Oz had his own team investigate the source of the attacks and found they were all biotech industry shills, some with felony criminal records and long histories of dubious propaganda activities targeting anti-GMO activists.



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16 Responses to Saturday Better Read This

  1. jimhitchcock says:

    Monsanto, taking over the world one seed at a time.


  2. David B. Benson says:



  3. Den says:

    $4 poorer, no millions 😦


  4. Den says:

    Set it up so medical care is required, let the Insurance companies call the shots, then let the GMO’s make everyone sick and harvest their money, before they die.

    I have been to the BIG Pharma Mountain, I have seen their power and it aint pretty.


  5. Den says:

    Had to resume Prednisone but cut dosage in half to 2.5mg, I simply cannot function with all the pain even 4 months later. I determined while using a small amount it will have less of a detrimental effect long term to my body.


  6. David B. Benson says:

    Drone Catcher
    Science Daily
    2016 Jan 08

    Uses a net.


  7. David B. Benson says:

    The usual route up Missouri Flat Creek to the Terre View Drive bridge is west half a block on Illinois to Monroe, north on Monroe a block to Stadium Way, west almost two blocks down to the Grand Avenue Greenway and then north. Return by reversing. Fog rolled in just as I started but that made no difference in the time: 49 minutes.

    Day 7: 155 + 49 = 204 minutes for a good week of walking in the winter.


  8. º¿carol says:

    Another 46° day. Sparrows were taking a bath in a puddle on the drive.

    I’m told we will be getting some snow. Going out for my walk right now, hopefully it didn’t start yet. All the old stuff is melted, I can walk anywhere w/o much worry, except for the sticks that have fallen out of the trees. I know where they are though and won’t near those spots.


  9. David B. Benson says:

    Food helps to warm. But even so I am wearing my winter duck down parka and a pullover hat inside.

    This morning my right foot was troubling me and even some on the errand to the grocery store. The stick walk was ok and by now it just feels full in the boot. I suppose this was an attack of mild gout brought on by eating beans at the Nuevo Vallarta two days ago. So I will avoid beans to seeif that eliminates these right foot attacks.


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