Some Funny Sunday


Two years after going it alone from The Daily Show, satirist John Oliver may not be Britain’s biggest export to America (that’s James Corden, for now), but he’s certainly its sharpest and funniest. This apparently entitles him to no special privileges from HBO, which broadcasts his current-affairs show Last Week Tonight. “I’m sitting in a windowless room with two gigantic pictures of [The Jinx’s villain] Robert Durst on the wall,” he explains on the phone from New York. “As I’m talking to you, his beady eyes are burrowing into my face. Perhaps Robert Durst will soon be in a windowless room with two pictures of me on the wall. But I can’t stress this enough: I did not murder three people.”

The Guide has set Oliver a task: to explain aspects of modern America to Britain, and vice versa. It’s one he sets about with relish, but also with a caveat. “I’ve been here a decade so I’m institutionalised. My bafflement index is much lower than it used to be. This all kind of makes sense to me now.”



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15 Responses to Some Funny Sunday

  1. jimhitchcock says:

    I love nothing better than to be given the opportunity to laugh at the craziness and humor of our travails upon the planet, and John Oliver brings this into focus. Carol will agree with this; Doc, having no TV watching gene, will be perplexed 🙂


    • David B. Benson says:

      I appreciate it intellectually.


    • º¿carol says:

      Jon Oliver’s show is excellent. I hate when he’s on hiatus and he’s on hiatus more than his show being on.

      I’m not crazy about Trevor Noah. The Daily Show doesn’t seem to be as sharp as it was when Jon Stewart was at the helm. I wonder if a bunch of writers left when Jon did.

      I don’t like the new style in a man’s suit, ones that Trevor Noah wears. They’re too small. It’s like a hand-me-down. When he’s standing there with it buttoned, I keep waiting for the button to pop off. Very weird suits and I don’t like them.


  2. Den says:

    Johns comedy has more than once brought me to tears laughing so hard, I just wish he was more mainstream channel instead of HBO which is a complete ripoff.


  3. Den says:

    I watched Mad Max yesterday, lots of action for sure, Charlize has looked better, *gag*.
    The cars and trucks were beyond radical custom into the realm of the bizarre.


  4. º¿carol says:

    It was almost 60° today. Lots of melting went on. The front deck was 14 inches deep in snow all week, and today it’s clear. The driveway, however, shaded like it is halfway, tamped down by my SUV…it didn’t melt enough and will be ice in the morning. I’ll have to warn Jill.


  5. David B. Benson says:

    @ the Hillside Cafe for shrimp pesto liguinne dinner. Very few people here.


  6. º¿carol says:

    We’re watching the Oscars. I don’t know why we do this to ourselves. However, we have it DVRing so we’re able to zoom through all the commercials. That’s a blessing, the DVR is a blessing. Like a microwave, I could never live w/o it now.


    • º¿carol says:

      Bathroom break for Bob is why I was in here, telling you we’re watching the Oscars.


      • º¿carol says:

        I looked at our outdoor weather station when I came in here. At 10:40 p.m., it’s still warm…52°. That means everything is still melting. Oh, and it started raining, too. That will help w/ the melting.

        Bob said we’re going to get snow Wednesday. That’s ok, as long as this other stuff is gone.


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