Warrens’ Way Wednesday

1aAs Warren Buffett spelled out to his investors over the weekend, the billionaire’s attitude toward climate change is not really laissez-faire, but rather one of sang-froid. He can’t be accused of doing nothing. But at the same time, his aplomb can seem a little too chill.

In his annual letter to shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway, Buffett, a master investor with an aversion to risk, had this to say about addressing global warming: “Inaction now is foolhardy.

“Call this Noah’s Law. If an ark may be essential for survival, begin building it today, no matter how cloudless the skies appear.”

But his letter falls short of endorsing the overwhelming scientific consensus that climate change is already a major problem and that the world should quickly bring carbon dioxide emissions to zero, leaving most fossil fuel reserves in the ground.

“It seems highly likely to me that climate change poses a major problem for the planet,” he wrote. “I say ‘highly likely’ rather than ‘certain’ because I have no scientific aptitude and remember well the dire predictions of most ‘experts’ about Y2K. It would be foolish, however, for me or anyone to demand 100% proof of huge forthcoming damage to the world if that outcome seemed at all possible and if prompt action had even a small chance of thwarting the danger.”



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6 Responses to Warrens’ Way Wednesday

  1. º¿carol says:

    My daughter took care of #1, Never depend on a single income….she’s never been married, no second income there, but she owns 3 houses now, rents out two. The trick is to get the two rentals paid for. VERY hard to do that, but there is Brian now. If they get married, they’ll have all bases covered. Brian is a worker. He’s not the kind that stays home on a snow day. Off he goes to work. His income would come in handy. He helps her now by doing the repairs on the rentals. She doesn’t have to pay anyone to do that anymore.


  2. º¿carol says:

    Seems like the same ton of snow we got last week, or whenever that was. I just used the SUV and ironed out the drive. Jill made it to work, early even. That’s my girl. She got a call from the FedEX driver, that he couldn’t get up her drive. I would love to drive over in the RAV, but I’m a big chicken and I hate her driveway. First off it’s half a mile long. 😦 While I had zero trouble on our 100 foot drive, hers is another thing. Standing water creeps onto it in spots from the flooding cornfield, scary.

    She called a guy named Rocky who has plowed for her before, and he should have it done by 5:00 p.m. for her. I hope this is the last of the damn snow! It’s been killing me to shovel. I mean, I’ve never minded shoveling show, but being 70??? You should see me huffing and puffing. I rest constantly while cleaning up the snow, and my mind keeps thinking, “Heart attack, will it happen, what will it feel like, how soon before Bob realizes I never came back in, will I be dead before he can call anyone?” Then I catch my breath and continue, lol.

    What would poor Bob do if I croaked!!! Egads. He can’t take care of himself, he needs my constant help. I better hang on until it’s just me, for everyone’s sake.


  3. David B. Benson says:

    North and back in 44 minutes. No wildlife observed but there are rabbit holes near the old grain elevator. A bit of sun towards the end but back to cloudy now.


  4. Den says:

    Shifty the cat:


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