Shitty Robot Sunday


Known as “the queen of shitty robots”, Swedish inventor Simone Giertz builds robots to help with everyday activities – except, they don’t work. Well, mechanically they work beautifully, but her robots show we’ve got a while to go before every part of our life is automated.

The 25-year-old lives on a houseboat in Stockholm and runs a highly successful YouTube channel with 124,000 subscribers, where she posts videos of her surreal and hilarious contraptions, such as robots to feed her cereal, put on her lipstick and chop vegetables.

Her most recent video – a head banging repeatedly against a keyboard – is to help argue on the internet.

She spoke with the Guardian about being a self-taught full-time shitty robot creator.



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9 Responses to Shitty Robot Sunday

  1. º¿carol says:

    Made Swedish Meatballs this morning along with mashed potatoes and asparagus. Bob is eating his dinner right now, then we’ll catch up on American Idol

    Yesterday, Nicholas’ sixth birthday party. I made ham rolls as a dish to pass. When my kids had a birthday, I baked a cake, the two sets of grandparents came over. On a different day the neighborhood kids came over for cake and ice-cream. Today? There was food, meatballs, cheese, veggie plate, potato salad and gift bags of junk for each child at the party. Pete bought a small trampoline for the kids to play on. There were decorations everywhere. Parents today sure can waste the money on birthdays. It hurts my practical nature to see the waste.

    I bought Nick clothes and a box of 100 different color markers for drawing and coloring, made a nice card and gave him my accoustic guitar even though he’s kind of young for it. I don’t buy toys because, of course, there isn’t anything Nick doesn’t have.

    It was nice to see three people my kids went to school with. Had lots of fun talking to them, hated to leave. Hope they all come over this summer to hang around at the pool and do some more yakking. It was nice to see I can still make people laugh.


  2. Den says:

    Bison steak, BBQ potatos, carrots and onions, and beers. oh my!

    I’m stuffed.


  3. David B. Benson says:

    @ the Hillside Cafe with quite a few students returned from spring recess. Daffodils in the warmth along the way.


  4. David B. Benson says:

    Thanx for the house pix, Den.


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