Thursday Tyrants


The rise of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is a clear symptom of the catastrophic normalization of authoritarian capitalism around the world. Many recent debates about his popularity, however, have missed this point: They are being framed in post-ideological terms that obscure the relation between Trump’s rise and the deepening contradictions of the global capitalist system.

In its recent worldwide restructuring process, global capitalism has forcefully embraced authoritarian values that promise to sustain capitalist growth. This results in disastrous consequences to personal freedoms and economic security and justice for large unemployable segments of the population. Trump’s brand of populist, protectionist and isolationist economic policies resonate with the current sharpening of the contradictions of the hegemonic global capitalist system, revealing how US neoliberal capitalism is in imminent danger of a transformation into authoritarian capitalism.



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Always in search of interesting things to post. Armed with knowledge and dangerous with the ladies.
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12 Responses to Thursday Tyrants

  1. Den says:

    In a World gone mad, only madmen need apply, the sane should stay home and lock their doors.


    • º¿carol says:

      Paragraph two in today’s post, the writer should try to speak English. His last sentence in that paragraph, had to read it 3 times. My head hurts.

      Now I’ll try to read the rest of his piece.


  2. º¿carol says:

    And what’s that crap about super delegates? There are still primaries going on, why can’t Bernie win? And if the mystery super delegates have decided Hillary, WHY are they still making people go to the polls? That’s a waste of time and money.

    It’s getting very hard to understand how things work in this country. Everything is so convoluted, nothing makes logical sense and I’m a logical person.


    • Den says:

      Logic has left the building.

      It is all about delegates as you know and the PTB just happen to be Super-Delegates.
      Like I have been saying, the fix is in, I suspected that when the puggers threw in the clowns to mix things up.

      Barring ole Hill getting disappeared, she will walk away with a lot more delegates and Super-Delegates than Bernie assuring nomination on the Dumbocrap side.

      The puggers will be the comedy act, no more than that, let the riots begin.

      So sez Den


  3. David B. Benson says:

    My dinner at the Hillside Cafe includes cooked root vegetables, all of which help lower blood pressure. So does, I have recently learned, dark chocolate with Ghirardelli having the most of the active ingredient.

    Keadrin acquired contact lenses over the break and had her hair done. Much more attractive now.


    • Den says:

      Ghirardelli 60% Cacao, yum, have some for later here.
      Better watch your own blood pressure with those young ladies, *he snickers* 😉


    • David B. Benson says:

      Home from the tuba & trumpet recital. The graduating students played alternately until 4 others joined the pair for the brass sextet written by the young woman who played the tuba.


  4. jimhitchcock says:

    The Larry Sanders show was the only sitcom I’ve followed in as long as I remember. Well, I like Maron a lot, but that show was fantastic.


  5. Carey Hickman says:

    Well, here you have me. Trump will be stopped. I’m thinking the only way is Bern. Actually, I’m quite scared.


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