Terminal Thursday


One of the surprises about the Panama Papers – the largest leak from an offshore tax adviser in history – is how few Americans have so far been exposed. The reason? It may be because creating a shell company in the US is easier than obtaining a library card.

About 200 people with US addresses have so far been revealed as clients of Mossack Fonseca, the firm at the center of the Panama Papers leak. Compared with countries such as China, Switzerland, Russia and the United Kingdom, the number is small.

The anomaly may be because it’s so easy to create a vehicle to hide your money and your identity in the US that there’s no need to mess with Panama, according to Shruti Shah, vice-president of programs and operations at Transparency International, an anti-corruption organization.

“You don’t really have to go to Panama or other tax havens. They are not the only ones making it possible for corrupt officials and other criminals to launder their money. You can do it in every state in the US,” explained Shah.

“In every state in the US, you can incorporate an LLC – [a limited liability company] – or another legal entity and you don’t have to disclose who the beneficiary on it is. In fact, Delaware is so synonymous with anonymous companies and ghost corporations that it was named in Transparency International’s Unmask the Corrupt campaign as one of the most symbolic cases of corruption.”

@ THE GUARDIAN, News worth reading


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Always in search of interesting things to post. Armed with knowledge and dangerous with the ladies.
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9 Responses to Terminal Thursday

  1. Den says:

    Welcome to the US, the birthplace of Capitalist corruption.


  2. Den says:

    Jeepers, I’ve got page views but no one has anything to say.
    Is DWF not interesting enough? Yawn-ready?

    My OCD requires this for no other reason than being a refuge for the Corn Blog.

    Maybe I am seeking writing job and waiting for offers, perhaps the Pulitzer Prize.

    Ya well, then I woke up.

    I did a lot of organizing of the stuff, Gas Company guy came by to check for leaks, OK.

    Stupid Miata keeps throwing ‘Check Engine’ lights, I replaced the upper o2 sensor, now the lower, that better fix it or it’s off to the car lots with it. OBD2 technology in todays cars has a kajillion different outcomes, depending on the part of the system being measured, measurements off? Check Engine light staring you in the face, ugh. You non-CA car owners do not have the extra stuff we CA car owners do, New York is like CA is SMOG-wise.

    Also need to find the time to change the back tire on the SV, an afternoon project.

    SV1000 Pic, Mine is red:


    • º¿carol says:

      Our Camry always had the “check engine” light on. Last time I went for an oil change they guy asked me if I wanted it turned off, and he hooked up a little gadget inside the car, scanned things with it and found out it had to do with the muffler. He said the code was for states that test for smog. He disabled it.

      Today, I was admiring the dash and how long that idiot light had been gone. I ran into the post office. When I started up the car to go, the light was back. Maybe that means the Camry needs its oil change.


    • jimhitchcock says:

      Don’t know what happened to my comment.

      Anyway, gorgeous bike. Perfect for the twisties.


  3. Den says:

    OK, I get the hint, the LLamas are better company, at least the make a moaning noise of sorts.


  4. º¿carol says:

    Had the bone density test today. One down…

    Went to the drug store to pick up the script for the cleanser I have to choke down before the colonoscopy. Surprise, surprise…my insurance doesn’t cover it.

    However from the pharmacist to friends on Facebook, no one takes the prescribed stuff except my daughter-in-law (she has no choice and said it’s horrible, don’t use if if I can get around it) everyone says it’s Mirilax over the counter and Gatorade AND 4 Duculex pills. Something like that. I’ll read the info the colonoscopy place sent to me tomorrow.

    I dreaded going to the doctor, getting sucked into our horrible insurance-run health care system. First problem reared its head today, what next…I can hardly wait.


  5. David B. Benson says:

    In the ER about to spend the rest of the night in the intensive care unit for observation regarding a possible minor heart attack.


    • Den says:

      Holy crap! There is no such thing as a MINOR heart attack!
      Will you will be getting an angioplasty or a stent?
      Getting old does have it’s drawbacks.
      Hopefully they have good cardiologists on staff to sort it out for you.
      Keep us posted on your progress when you can, we will be anxiously waiting.


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