Money-soaked Monday


This goes back a long way. The Panamanian state was originally created to function on behalf of the rich and self-seeking of this world – or rather their antecedents in America – when the 20th century was barely born.

Panama was created by the United States for purely selfish commercial reasons, right on that historical hinge between the imminent demise of Britain as the great global empire, and the rise of the new American imperium.

The writer Ken Silverstein put it with estimable simplicity in an article for Vice magazine two years ago: “In 1903, the administration of Theodore Roosevelt created the country after bullying Colombia into handing over what was then the province of Panama. Roosevelt acted at the behest of various banking groups, among them JP Morgan & Co, which was appointed as the country’s ‘fiscal agent’ in charge of managing $10m in aid that the US had rushed down to the new nation.”

The reason, of course, was to gain access to, and control of, the canal across the Panamanian isthmus that would open in 1914 to connect the world’s two great oceans, and the commerce that sailed them.



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17 Responses to Money-soaked Monday

  1. David B. Benson says:

    Not clear that Nicaragua will ever have a canal.


  2. David B. Benson says:



  3. Den says:

    Toiling over my car and it’s persistence throwing codes that would negate any SMOG check.

    Apparently the misfiring of my coil pack caused the catalytic convertor to lose it’s efficiency, fouled with excessive carbon, even after replacing the two oxygen sensors it still throws a code. Now the only alternative is to remove the convertor and soak it in a strong detergent to remove the excess carbon, then reinstall and test again.

    This thing is absorbing large quantities of time and money from me with no end in sight, a new convertor is $500+ which I do not have to spend on this heap.

    Once again a decision to buy a supposed good vehicle has blown up in my face since this problem was caused by a defective Mazda component, not a maintenance issue, needless to say I am beyond dismayed at this point, unable to find decent transportation that does not cost a bloody fortune to fix, and due to this problem cannot even be re-sold in CA. GRRRR!

    My mind says take a sledgehammer to the whole car and light it on fire, my common sense says keep going for a fix then sell it never to darken my door again, just like the ARRRVee.

    CA emissions suck, this would not be a problem in the other 49 States.


  4. David B. Benson says:

    Just 19 minutes to downtown to turn in the tax return info. Then walk without sticks to discover that Swilly’s is now the Foundry but didn’t go in. Another 20 minutes on the sticks brought me past 2 pigeons on a power line and thence to the Birch & Barley for french onion soup and a reuben sandwich with a black butte porter. Lovely day out again.


    • David B. Benson says:

      And then along the trail east to Terre View Blvd, north to Grimes Way in only 20 more minutes. After a brief rest, west along Grimes Way to campus and over the top of the hill thence down to Sloan; about another 20 minutes. Anyway, the stopwatch feature of the mobile phone worked today to totalize to 102 minutes. Plenty of Swainsen’s hawks out finding updrafts. At one point the sun glinted on a nearby magpie revealing blue features which ordinarily look black.

      Day 2: 61+102=163 minutes and a noticeable right foot.


  5. Den says:

    The Rolls was an exceptional buy as was the Jag, but alas, twas not to be so.

    It is worth mentioning at this juncture that my first significant automobile ride was in 1962 in a 1961 XKE convertible on the twistiest road in the area with a good family friend doing the driving while my young friend and I, strapped in with one seatbelt, rode along with very giant grins on our young faces.

    1961 was the first production year of the XKE. Later on in 1964 that same friend and I went on a vacation with my parents and while in Detroit, saw them building the 64 1/2 Mustangs on the factory tour.

    Cars have been a significant part of my life since the early 60’s building model car kits and sniffing glue and paint, ah the toluene. Kept wondering why I was getting headaches, hmm.

    I have personally owned over 150 cars, different makes and models, 12 Corvairs, 6 Novas, a Gremlin, 5 Fiats, 6 Ford pickps, 10 Chev/GMC pickups, Triumph TR7, 1 International 300 backhoe/loader tractor, a Ford 9N tractor, a Chevette, a few Ford Galaxies, 2 motorhomes, an ElCamino, and many, many more.

    OOPS forgot the bikes, Suzuki 80, SV650, SV1000, DR650. Kawasaki, A1SS, KLR650 KZ 400, KZ440, KZ750. Honda 750 Nighthawk, VFR 750, 305 Scrambler.

    All that and only 3 marriages, not bad for an amateur.

    OOP forgot to count the houses….


    • º¿carol says:

      Holy moly! It’s apparent that was your “thing.” No Toyotas in your list.

      We had a 1963 Studebaker Avanti back in the day. We didn’t keep it very long before we were spooked at what repairs would end up costing, so we sold it to a guy who gave us money and his old Triumph.


  6. Den says:

    Did you hear that? Off in the distance, the faint sound of a LLama, waiting to be counted.

    Alas, I must retreat to the Compound, to once again count the LLamas and put them, and I, to sleep for the night.


  7. º¿carol says:

    Doc, my other favorite musical…“Jesus Christ Superstar.” Bought the album from the movie, wore it out and had to buy another one. Went to the show 3 times to see it and Jill and I have gone to the stage version at the FOX in Detroit at least twice, and to see it at the Wharton on the Michigan State University campus up in Lansing at least twice.

    Of course, I have the cassette of the sound track, and I bought the VHS tape version for my video store. I have it on DVD now, of course, lol. Hmm, maybe I should watch it again….? Nah.


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