Cat Cafe Tuesday


Kitty Photobomb

Finally, Brooklyn has its very own permanent cat cafe—and The Brooklyn Cat Cafe is now open for you to get your feline fill.

The cafe is located at 149 Atlantic Avenue, and boasts big soft couches, cardboard cat furniture and plenty of places for cats to explore. Human fans include Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, who paid a visit at yesterday’s opening.

The cafe will allow customers to buy bottled drinks, coffee and snacks and other pre-packaged food while getting to know adoptable cats, from kittens to adults, and adds, “Admission is $5 per half hour, and free for children 3 and under. While reservations are recommended, they are not required. Cafe-goers interested in adopting a cat can apply during their visit or via the cafe website. All medical care for the cats at the cafe is overseen by the amazing veterinarians at Vinegar Hill Veterinary Group.”



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9 Responses to Cat Cafe Tuesday

  1. Den says:


    Cat Central today, beats the same old depressing crap.

    Bernie rounded up 21000 people yesterday and again this AM in Stockton, thousands!

    I bet the lunch trucks were raking it in too.


  2. Den says:

    Pills take a couple days to kick in, fingers crossed.


  3. jimhitchcock says:

    At this weekend’s opening party, there was a standup comedienne talking about the difference between dog people and cat people.

    “If you’re comfortable with a small animal judging you all the time,” then you’re a cat person,” Ophira Eisenberg, host of NPR Ask Me Anything told PIX11. “These cats you can adopt are like ‘you figure it out.’ Dogs would be like ‘me, me, me.'”.


  4. º¿carol says:

    Good morning, but good afternoon from Michigan. Another cloudy day. Wanted to mow, guess I’ll wait another day. Every day has been rain except this day, still….I’ll wait.

    Have to hit the kitchen when I’m done here. Dishes, have to cook for Quincy and Bob, plus I have a bunch of strawberries I have to deal with.

    I bought an Oriole feeder yesterday. It has a little cup to put grape jelly in, and metal post to jam half an orange on. I put it next to the hummingbird feeder so I could watch it from inside. I went in the house to make a cup of coffee, turned toward the window and an Baltimore Oriole was already on the thing, eating the grape jelly. Hooray! A younger one showed up and couldn’t figure out how to land on the contraption, lol. A female Oriole showed up a bit ago and knew exactly where to land to get to the jelly.


  5. º¿carol says:

    Had a doctor appointment yesterday to have him look at a weird sore on my left leg. Left with another script for a second blood pressure pill. That one I’m to take at night. The one kind in the a.m., the other in the p.m. I guess my blood pressure is still too high. Oh, well. My number has come up, bad health creeping up fast now.


  6. º¿carol says:

    Hope your knew pill kicks in, Den. I know how Bob suffers with pain, it’s no picnic.


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