Doom Tuesday

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists - Logo

It Is 3 Minutes To Midnight – Climate Change And Nuclear Tensions Push Doomsday Clock Hands Forward (PRNewsFoto/Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist)

In January 2015, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists advanced its famous Doomsday Clock to three minutes before midnight, a threat level that had not been reached for 30 years. The Bulletin’s statement explaining this advance toward catastrophe invoked the two major threats to survival: nuclear weapons and “unchecked climate change.” The call condemned world leaders, who “have failed to act with the speed or on the scale required to protect citizens from potential catastrophe,” endangering “every person on Earth [by] failing to perform their most important duty — ensuring and preserving the health and vitality of human civilization.”

Since then, there has been good reason to consider moving the hands even closer to doomsday.

As 2015 ended, world leaders met in Paris to address the severe problem of “unchecked climate change.” Hardly a day passes without new evidence of how severe the crisis is. To pick almost at random, shortly before the opening of the Paris conference, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab released a study that both surprised and alarmed scientists who have been studying Arctic ice. The study showed that a huge Greenland glacier, Zachariae Isstrom, “broke loose from a glaciologically stable position in 2012 and entered a phase of accelerated retreat,” an unexpected and ominous development. The glacier “holds enough water to raise global sea level by more than 18 inches (46 centimeters) if it were to melt completely. And now it’s on a crash diet, losing 5 billion tons of mass every year. All that ice is crumbling into the North Atlantic Ocean.”

Yet there was little expectation that world leaders in Paris would “act with the speed or on the scale required to protect citizens from potential catastrophe.” And even if by some miracle they had, it would have been of limited value, for reasons that should be deeply disturbing.



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4 Responses to Doom Tuesday

  1. Den says:

    Doomed Carol, doomed, dinosaur doomed, AAIIEEE!


  2. David B. Benson says:

    Not with a bang but a whimper.


  3. David B. Benson says:

    After Brandi Way and proceeding west along Terre View Drive I came to the potential short cut down the hill to about the old switch and siding remnant on the railroad track. The first part was easy; down a switch back track. Eventually I made it through the 5+ foot grass, over an old fashioned link fence with the aid of 2 trees, through even denser grass with hidden ditches and up to the railroad track. Then home after a well exercised 65 minutes to count the scratches on the back of my hands. The total is 10.

    Day 3: 97+65=162 minutes.


  4. Den says:

    I scored a screen door for the front and a sink for the master bath, some little bits also at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore where old stuff is donated to reuse, spent $40.

    Ran out of energy at 3, bones shot, a lot of walking at the ReStore.

    Must be beer thirty, Cheers!


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