Heavy Water Thursday


Concerns about dangerous lead in drinking water have reached Congress – quite literally. It’s been discovered that a key congressional office building has high lead levels in its water supply, with workers being provided with bottled water to consume instead.

A recent routine test found the elevated lead levels in the Cannon House Office Building in Washington DC, according to an email sent out by William Weidemeyer, the House office buildings superintendent.

According to Politico, Weidemeyer’s memo to lawmakers and their staff states that the lead levels are “slightly above the EPA standard”.

“Although the cause of the increase remains under investigation, in an abundance of caution all drinking water sources and office-provided water filtration units in the building will be turned off beginning at 10pm Tuesday, June 28, 2016,” the email reads.

The five-story Cannon House Office Building has provided office space for members of Congress since 1908. The building, which is connected to the Capitol via a tunnel, is undergoing a $750m renovation, which started in January last year.

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15 Responses to Heavy Water Thursday

  1. Den says:

    I’m still evacuated, at least the fire has not moved any closer to the park, it’s going the other way providing the calm winds continue. I keep thinking of all the stuff I forgot to grab in the haste of bugging out. If all goes well we should be able to go back after the 4th.


  2. º¿carol says:

    When we got up this morning, Bob heard a strange sound from the basement. I didn’t hear anything, but then I finally did. Certainly wasn’t an electrical sound.

    I went downstairs, dehumidifier was running properly, everything else looked good, so I snuck around, listening. Then I heard it. Goddamit! We had another bird in the furnace pipe from the chimney! I propped the little door open with a clothespin, put lights on and left. Of course, I shut door so the bird couldn’t get out of the utility room.

    Went down a couple times, the third time the bird was out and flying from window to window. I ran upstairs and opened the screen door, shut the kitchen door and grabbed the broom. I kept the lights off in the nice room, hoping if I could flush him out into that room he would head upstairs to the light. It all happened so fast, he flew out the utility room door and he MUST have left according to plan because I haven’t seen, or heard him again since.

    Messing with the furnace pipe door I saw all the soot on the ground, the chimney! We were supposed to get it fixed this summer. Bob called our furnace guy, he told us to call a chimney guy and we have one coming out July 14 to seal the chimney up AND to put a screen around the contraption that is ontop the pipe on the roof. That should end the black oil soot AND birds in the pipe.


  3. David B. Benson says:

    Last few days in British politics worthy of lights Game of Thrones.


  4. David B. Benson says:

    Two chores done, anyway.

    Down to 79 °F.


  5. Den says:


    Still blazing away, temps near 100 during the day 70’s overnight, this whole thing is downright inconvenient.


  6. David B. Benson says:

    TVD bridge return in 47 minutes. A family of small birds on a telephone wire.

    Day 5: 188+47=235 minutes.


  7. Den says:

    Discreet cat:


  8. º¿carol says:


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