Splinter Group Saturday


A white nationalist group that was involved in a violent brawl with anti-racist protesters this weekend in Sacramento has announced its plans to be at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on July 18-21 to protect Donald Trump supporters. A spokesman for the Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP), which organized Sunday’s march where at least five people were stabbed, told McClatchy that roughly 30 members of the group would be in attendance at the GOP event. “We’re essentially just going to show up and make sure that the Donald Trump supporters are defended from the leftist thugs,” he said.

This has become a bit of a party line for TWP. The group, which was joined by the Golden State Skinheads (GSS) in planning Sunday’s rally, said on its website ahead of the demonstration that it would serve “to make a statement about the precarious situation our race is in,” as evidenced by protesters’ previous “brutal assaults” against Donald Trump supporters.

The Southern Poverty Law Center notes that TWP head Matthew Heimbach — who previously made a mainstream name for himself after he was captured on video physically assaulting a young black woman at a Trump rally — tweeted before the event, “We won’t bow down to leftist scum.”



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8 Responses to Splinter Group Saturday

  1. Den says:

    Yippee! TeeVee on, Internet on, phone on, Hummingbird juice refilled,
    home sweet home once again. I had to have a celebratory beer(‘s).


  2. David B. Benson says:

    Same route, same wildlife, including the rabbit I forgot to mention yesterday, but also a stray pigeon looking lost and at least two tiny youngling Western Tanagers. Most of a mile away the papa was being mobbed by a black bird. First time I’ve seen a bigger bird mob a smaller one. Odd, as Western Tanagers eat insects and fruit only.

    Took 47 minutes, slow.

    Day 7: 281+47=328 minutes for an ok week.


    • ┬║┬┐carol says:

      Saw a couple deer today on my way home from Pete’s anniversary party. Rural roads like ours, teeming with deer.


  3. Den says:

    boom boom, out went my lites,zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  4. ┬║┬┐carol says:

    Had a nice day. It was great being with people, mostly people I know and all close to my kid’s ages. Nice to have everyone know exactly what I’m talking about when I first say it. Being constantly with Bob is trying. Lots of arguments because half the time he doesn’t know what I just said and I have to retell the story, then I have to explain details…all stuff people automatically understand when they first hear it. Of course, I’m starting to get like that, too, lol! We have so many sniping arguments now because when he doesn’t understand what I just told him, when I try to explain he gets mad and we bicker and suddenly, it’s all my fault because I wasn’t clear in my story. Maybe he’s right and I’m the demented one who doesn’t understand anything.

    Like I said, no one had to say to me today, “Huh? What do you mean?”


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