Saturday Reality


I recently visited Denali, the highest mountain peak in North America and my favorite place on the planet, for the first time in 13 years. Prior to working full time as a war reporter, I lived in Alaska for nearly a decade, where my life revolved around spending my summers mountaineering in the Alaska Range.

Denali in particular has always been close to my heart. As an alpinist, I take my orders from the mountains and see them as living things. So I make my climbing plans, but then, of course, they are always subject to the weather and route changes the mountain dictates at any given time.

Having worked on Denali as both a guide and a volunteer rescue ranger with the National Park Service, I’ve been lucky enough to have stood atop Denali several times, and the influence the mountain has had and continues to have on my life has been profound.

By viewing the mountain as a living thing, I also now view it as a being that is suffering from the impacts of anthropogenic climate disruption (ACD). The signs this year, along with anecdotal evidence from my mountaineering ranger friends, are overwhelming.



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8 Responses to Saturday Reality

  1. Den says:

    I am so tired of pounding the keyboard over and over about stuff like this, our bad behavior as humans has exceeded all expectations. Using the Earth as a trashbin is working against us.


  2. Den says:

    Still an issue with the S10, won’t go up a hill, gutless, me thinks timing gear has gone bad and everything is retarded; cam, dist, etc, tomorrow AM’s job to t-shoot.
    At least I don’t have to pay someone to fix it, ­čÖé


    • Den says:

      Update, check revealed no extra slack in timing chain but did reveal a 15 degree ignition advance beyond what is is supposed to be. Eyes turning to plugged carb next, stay tuned for more…


  3. David B. Benson says:

    Republicants gonna kill us all off.


  4. David B. Benson says:

    TVD return in 45 minutes. Flock of small birds is still there, a pair of quail, a glimpse of the tiny rabbit.

    Day 7: 367+45=412 minutes. Not shabby.


    • ┬║┬┐carol says:

      Fireflies abound now. Lots of birds, I keep up my feeders during summers now. Birds are my friends, or my hobby, or something. I love having them around, even shitting on the rails of the back deck. It’s an, “oh, well.”


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