Totalitarian Tuesday


WARSAW, Poland—Dreary, Soviet-style concrete apartments rise up where 68 Nowolipki St. was during World War II. It was at this spot, although there is no marker to record the event, that some of the milk cans and metal boxes crammed full of essays, reports, official communiqués, wall posters, pictures, drawings and diaries that recorded life in the Warsaw ghetto were unearthed from the rubble shortly after the war.

The cache of material, known as the Oyneg Shabes Archive, was buried by writers, led by the historian Emanuel Ringelblum, as German occupation forces were liquidating the ghetto. They meticulously documented all aspects of life in the ghetto and the annihilation of the Jews by the Nazis.

Writing was an act of resistance and faith. It affirmed the belief that one day, a day the writers knew they would probably never see, these words would evoke pity, understanding and outrage and provide wisdom. They struggled to make sense of the stark contrasts of good, evil and indifference. They explored what it meant to live a life of meaning in the face of death. They did not know if their writing would survive. Some of the archive was never found. They did not know who, if anyone, would read their work. But they wrote with a messianic fury. Their words were the last link to the living.

Dawid Graber hastily buried some of the archives in August 1942 as deportations in the ghetto were being accelerated—between July 22 and Sept. 12 some 300,000 Jews were driven out of the ghetto to the gas chambers at Treblinka. He wrote: “What we were unable to cry and shriek out to the world we buried in the ground. I would love to see the moment in which the great treasure will be dug up and scream the truth at the world. So the world may know all.” He ends with the words: “We may now die in peace. We fulfilled our mission. May history attest for us.”



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8 Responses to Totalitarian Tuesday

  1. Den says:

    That is what happened to the first group to experience Totalitarianism first hand.

    If Frump is elected we will see the next group to face the wrath of monsters.


  2. º¿carol says:

    A friend of ours who is Pete’s age, a guy we met where we worked, pruned my dying spruces for me today. Almost 3 hours, I helped, of course. I helped him pile the limbs for my tree people to come and run through their chipper. So, HOORAY! That horrible, awful, terrible job is behind me…done…finished! All the spruces up the drive, can walk under all of them, can really see the road now from the living room window.

    Busy all damn day again, time to sit, eat and read the news.


  3. David B. Benson says:

    The usual route down the College Hill Climb and around to the Birch & Barley in 45 minutes. Cloudy with just a few birds. Having chilled cucumber soup with a small salad and then the blackened catfish dinner with pinot noir.


    • David B. Benson says:

      Another 25 minutes back to Sloan through a few rain drops. There was a spectacular, partially double, rainbow. The insect catchers were at first confused into mistaking the scattered raindrops for their food.

      Day 3: 91+70=161 minutes.


  4. Den says:

    Completed the rearranging of two carburetors to make one that works for the S10.
    The day could not go by without a trip to the auto parts store for more stuff, $$$


  5. Den says:

    Nissan through the years


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