Cyber-terrorist Tuesday


When cybersecurity professionals converged in Las Vegas last week to expose vulnerabilities and swap hacking techniques at Black Hat and Defcon, a consistent theme emerged: the internet is broken, and if we don’t do something soon, we risk permanent damage to our economy.

“Half of all Americans are backing away from the net due to fears regarding security and privacy,” longtime tech security guru Dan Kaminsky said in his Black Hat keynote speech, citing a July 2015 study by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration. “We need to go ahead and get the internet fixed or risk losing this engine of beauty.”

There’s no lack of things to be worried about: organized cybercriminal gangs; government surveillance; not to mention hack attacks from nation states.

That may be good news for the cybersecurity industry, which is expected to grow more than 10% annually and surpass $200bn worldwide by 2021, according to research firm Markets and Markets.

But it’s bad news for the rest of us. As we conduct more of our lives online, we’re being asked to become increasingly savvy about computer security. Many are simply uninterested or not up to the task.



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5 Responses to Cyber-terrorist Tuesday

  1. Den says:

    More stuff to worry about. The computer age has brought problems with benefits, making our jobs easier while endangering our privacy.

    Back up systems needed.


  2. George Orwell was right!


  3. Den says:

    Honey, I threw the car away today.


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