Bad Trade Wednesday

"Why do you guys start getting all uptight whenever the subject of a free trade agreement comes up..?"

Bill Moyers

All trade is political. All trade is about power.

When you buy something — a car, clothes, coffee, computer, a hamburger, you name it — international trade agreements affect the price and determine who profits from it. Proponents of free trade say businesses should thrive or fail in an open market without government interference such as protections, tariffs or subsidies.

But trade is about much more than the price of your shoes. In practice, the parties who craft trade agreements are less interested in unfettered markets and far more interested in increasing corporate profits and gaining an advantage over international competitors. “There is no such thing as free trade,” says Barry Lynn, director of the Open Markets Program at the New America Foundation. “The idea that there is a self-regulating marketplace out there is fundamentally wrong, as opposed to a bunch of power relationships between large corporations and nation-states. Put simply, free trade is a myth.”

According to Lynn, the main reason people promote this “myth” is to push the idea that “government should not regulate the large corporations that run the marketplace. The two groups who push this argument in a coherent manner are the libertarian right and the neoliberal left.”



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9 Responses to Bad Trade Wednesday

  1. Den says:

    More WordPress BS. Since they put in the ‘new and improved’ format for publishing and posting it has been an exercise in slo-mo hell and last night was even worse when I tried to schedule a post and the dumb thing published it instead.

    They just could not leave a good thing alone, when I first started here on WP scheduling and publishing was a breeze. Then they ‘new and improved’ it and it has been a comedy of errors ever since, numerous times when trying to schedule a post WP would disappear my post, “Post could not be saved” ARRRGGHHH! Now blocking scheduling completely.

    I want the old format back! the new one sux on so many levels, too many to mention here.
    If I could I would pull all my posts out and go back to Blogger but the WP gurus have it rigged so you can never recover all your posts and leave.

    The true perils of a free blogsite. 😦


  2. º¿carol says:

    Rather coolish this morning, but the humidity was over 70%. Because of the breeze, with all the windows open it was quite nice in here, like summers always have been. By noon, on came the A/C. The breeze couldn’t help anymore and that stupid humidity….grrrr.


  3. David B. Benson says:

    @ the Tokyo Seoul after 33 minutes via the viaduct route as the path is torn up near the City Playfields. Saw a dragonfly along the way. Having a Salmon teriyaki bento box dinner with an extra, a seaweed salad. Lots of people here, I suppose because getting settled for classes on Monday.


  4. Den says:

    Try jogging on the moon:


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