Lost City Thursday


Monk’s Mound, centerpiece of the Cahokia world heritage site in southern Illinois.

In its prime, about four centuries before Columbus stumbled on to the western hemisphere, Cahokia was a prosperous pre-American city with a population similar to London’s.

Located in southern Illinois, eight miles from present-day St Louis, it was probably the largest North American city north of Mexico at that time. It had been built by the Mississippians, a group of Native Americans who occupied much of the present-day south-eastern United States, from the Mississippi river to the shores of the Atlantic.

Cahokia was a sophisticated and cosmopolitan city for its time. Yet its history is virtually unknown by most Americans and present-day Illinoisans. It is one of many stories that have been bypassed in favour of the shopworn narrative – reinforced in literature and a century of American cinema – of Native Americans as backward and primitive.

“A lot of the world is still relating in terms of cowboys and Indians, and feathers and teepees,” says Thomas Emerson, professor of anthropology at the University of Illinois. “But in AD1000, from the beginning, [a city is] laid on a specific plan. It doesn’t grow into a plan, it starts as a plan. And they created the most massive earthen mound in North America. Where does that come from?”

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  1. Den says:

    Posting last night went off without a hitch. It used to be to schedule one would enter a date and time, then the WP Gurus decided they would put a month window in so you have to click on the day then backspace-delete the current time shown and put in the publish time making the job more difficult than it needs to be. Then they decide while you wait to post to entertain you with this Beep Bop Boop thing while the page loaded, more unnecessary BS. It was not that long ago they were changing my page here to make it more to their liking instead of mine.

    This whole Berkley Bozo Putz Palace (WP) is getting old, I might return to the Blogger if I could get my history out of here to put over there. However that seems quite difficult to do if not impossible destroying years of posts in the process. UGH!


  2. Den says:

    I rode this Coaster back in the 90’s, beat the holy crap out my body, the film shakes enough to fuzz out here, now it is going extinct, Mean Streak will be closing permanently on September 16, 2016. WIKI


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