Our Guns and Bombs Saturday


The forgotten girl, why?

Many Americans were shaken last week after a picture of a stunned Syrian child, whose home had just been bombed into rubble, went viral. Time magazine noted that “[d]evastating pictures and footage from Syria are common now.” But what about children in other war-torn countries?

This is one of the questions posed by journalist Andrew Cockburn, who argues that Saudi Arabia’s bombing and destruction of Yemen is largely ignored. In a recent article for Harper’s Magazine, he summed up what’s going on in Yemen:

Thousands of civilians— no one knows how many— have been killed or wounded. Along with the bombing, the Saudis have enforced a blockade, cutting off supplies of food, fuel, and medicine. A year and a half into the war, the health system has largely broken down, and much of the country is on the brink of starvation.

This rain of destruction was made possible by the material and moral support of the United States, which supplied most of the bombers, bombs, and missiles required for the aerial onslaught. … But no one that I talked to in Washington suggested that the war was in any way necessary to our national security.

In a “Democracy Now!” interview with Amy Goodman on Monday, Cockburn elaborates on the Saudis’ “slaughter” of Yemeni people and why the mass media need to provide more coverage of the situation. “I defy you to find a single picture in The New York Times or any other mainstream New York media of any of the hundreds, if not thousands, of Yemeni children, because no one really knows how many have been wounded or killed by the Saudi bombing,” he says.



What the fuck America?? Your highly profitable arms sales are coming back to bite you in the ass, which by the way has been long overdue. Supplying weaponry to these people is INSANE! The person or persons responsible for arms sales to anyone outside on the US needs to have their citizenship examined!

The United States of America should not be gun merchants for the World, knowing full well events like the above will occur but selling anyway is pure shameful and in-human, all for the almighty dollar, assholes! I hope you all burn in your own private Hell for what you have done, shame!


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7 Responses to Our Guns and Bombs Saturday

  1. Den says:



  2. º¿carol says:

    They finished our road today and I got lots of pictures. I described how they did it on FB, I’ll got get what I wrote so I don’t have to write it again.

    Here it is: They finished our road this morning. I was out there w/ my camera. WHAT AN OPERATION! The milling machine, made in Germany, creeps along a lane, something under it’s belly, encased, tears up and chews up the old asphalt. A conveyor belt on a long arm delivers the crushed material, which gets mixed with two chemicals, or salt and some other chemical, somewhere, either in that machine, or the next one hooked to the milling machine. I learned so much from Stephanie, one of the workers, but I can’t remember it all.

    The machine hooked to the milling machine creeps along and behind it, new asphalt has been laid. Roller machines come by to iron it all out. That’s how easy, and fast that job went. They never inconvenienced travelers, or we home owners, everything worked flawlessly.

    Now the road sits for a couple weeks and an asphalt company will come by and put a top layer of asphalt on the new bed. It should last way longer than previous asphalt roads. The road commission will finish the shoulders and Carol will walk the ditch of our place and the place next door to pick up any chunks of old asphalt that spilled from the shoulder trench so my tractor won’t hit any and chip my blades.

    A NEW ROAD!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Den says:

    Ah, the toxic smell of fresh asphalt wafting in the windows…


  4. º¿carol says:

    New billing period today I’VE GOT MY INTERNET SPEED BACK! What a relief, that was the longest 8 days of my life. I have to be more careful and not look at AND videos until after midnight.

    Jill and I off for a Margarita at noon. 🙂


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