It was 26 August 2003, almost two years since 9/11, and the sickening plume of smoke that hung over Ground Zero in lower Manhattan had long since dissipated. But steam was rising from the steps of city hall, three blocks away, where Hillary Clinton was venting her rage at the Bush administration for having lied to the American people.

“I don’t think any of us expected that our government would knowingly deceive us about something as sacred as the air we breathe,” she said, her voice tightening in anger. “The air that our children breathe in schools, that our valiant first responders were facing on the pile.”

Surrounded by firefighters and the doctors who were treating them for respiratory and other illnesses incurred when they worked on the massive mound of Ground Zero rubble – the “pile”, as it was known – the junior senator from New York was incandescent. Audiotape recorded at the time by WNYC, the city’s public radio affiliate, captures a Clinton quite unlike the controlled public figure who is now a step away from the White House.

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9 Responses to 9-11-2016

  1. Den says:

    “I don’t think any of us expected that our government would knowingly deceive us about something as sacred as the air we breathe,”

    Our government is not our friend, it has been hijacked by the worst humanity has to offer, greedy, heartless thugs willing to sacrifice thousands of lives for money, power and resources.


  2. David B. Benson says:

    Gamma Xi Alpha has a big flagpole but rarely flies a flag. Today it is the stars and stripes at half mast. A sorority down Linden Lane hasn’t a smaller flagpole on which, before today, I have never noticed a flag. Their stars and stripes is all the way up.


  3. º¿carol says:

    Went to visit a dying dog today. He’s doing pretty well, on prednisone for 7 days to help him breathe better and it’s working. Still, lung cancer, his end is fast approaching.

    Simon is 14 years old. When Jill worked at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, one morning she spotted 4 puppies in the parking lot so she went over to them. They happily followed her, she went to a few houses, asking if they were their puppies. One couple said no while their neighbor said they WERE their puppies. Jill went back to that house, they denied it again and she said she would happily find them homes but had to know who their people were. They said it was them and they let her take the puppies. She stuffed them in her car, took them home and locked them in Langdon’s old dog crate and went to work. Next day one of the puppies was sick vomiting worms, diarrhea, blech. She took Simon to her vet who said he had Parvo and probably wouldn’t make it. Doc kept him two days and Jill brought him home. The other 3 puppies she turned over to the Humane Society and they found them homes right away.

    A therapist Jill worked with at Sparrow agreed to take the puppy and Nadine has had him now for 14 years. What a lucky dog! Nadine is divorced now but her ex is as upset as everyone about the dog’s prognosis, first time Nadine ever saw him shed a tear. Her daughter, who is now 19, grew up with the dog, used to dress him up, paint his toenails. The ex took Simon everywhere with him. They have money so the dog has been well-taken care of and everyone’s heart is breaking, as is Jill’s.

    But Simon looked good, is keeping a stiff upper lip as dogs do and he hung around with us the entire time we were there. We all got choked up now and then, talking about out dogs and their ends but Simon kept a cool head throughout. *sniff*

    I ate something when we got home then started the mowing. Grass pretty high, had 2 inches of rain a day or so ago which prevented me from mowing. Two hours to get our place done but not enough gas to do the house next door. Will have to go to town tomorrow to fill my two cans.


  4. Den says:

    I think the neighbor bumped off his wife. I have not seen her in a week and he is acting exceptionally edgy when he is outside. I’m not sure if he hauled her out at night or what, I didn’t watch the place 24-7. He is a wimp-ass bully, picks on those he knows are weaker and afraid of those stronger. See what happens next week…


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