Hard Rock Monday


A world-first survey of more than 250 rock art sites in Western Australia’s Kimberley region has documented more than 30,000 images and will help researchers answer some of the biggest questions about human migration.

The survey began in July and is being run by the University of Western Australia archeology professor Peter Veth, in conjunction with traditional owners the Balanggarra people and the Balanggarra Indigenous rangers.

Over a three-month period the research team recorded the sites in the remote east Kimberley, between the town of Wyndham, more than 1,000km east of Broome and 3,400km north of Perth, and the Northern Territory border.

The sites feature a number of the haunting, elongated human forms known as Gwion figures.

“Most have not been recorded in any meaningful way before – although some important sites, particularly towards the west of the study area, were recorded as early as the 1980s by the first generation of rock art recorders,” Veth told Guardian Australia.

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21 Responses to Hard Rock Monday

  1. Den says:

    Petroglyphs, the World’s oldest art forms made by indigenous people everywhere, proving that there is a bit of an artist in everyone no matter what age.


  2. David B. Benson says:

    Rained a little.


  3. º¿carol says:

    I still haven’t been able to mow, didn’t rain yesterday but there was heavy dew and pea soup fog in the morning. Still overcast today so nothing is drying out very fast. I hope the sun roars tomorrow to help dry everything up, I REALLY need to mow. Can’t walk around w/o soaking my shoes, been staying on the patio, the 3 decks and up and down the driveway.

    Pete’s came over yesterday and the two of us got the new winter pool cover on the pool. First time we’ve covered it for the winter since 1985. It’s about time.

    Did my big grocery shopping today in Mason instead of waiting until tomorrow when Quincy isn’t here. Maybe I’ll get to mow tomorrow??? *finger’s crossed*

    I also need to dye my hair. Maybe I’ll do that after Jill picks up Q in a little while, OR…can do it tomorrow.


  4. º¿carol says:

    Finally, something done about that weird Trump w/ the NY AG telling his foundation to quit fundraising. Funny how the right and the media are all over the Clinton foundation 24/7, but they’ve left Trump’s alone. And they leave all the other nefarious foundations, like the Koch’s, alone. Only the Clinton foundation seems to matter. Funny.


  5. David B. Benson says:

    Hillside Cafe in 11:01.


    • David B. Benson says:

      Some of the student staff are awfully cute.


    • David B. Benson says:

      From the EME Building out to the community garden and home like yesterday but took a little longer, 71 minutes. Pigeons on the wires with 4 small birds, later some sparrows, I guess.

      Day 2: 69+71=140 minutes.


  6. Den says:

    It has been a real ordeal finding a worthy car, there is so much crap out there and liar sellers to match it is unbelievable.

    Since my first two debacles, I have come to realize the only way of finding a car is pure dumb luck. As the former owner of hundreds of different cars, the ones out there now scare me.

    OBDII is short for On Board Diagnostics II, it has over 3000 trouble codes available to turn on the dreaded “Check Engine” light on the dash, and they do, repeatedly as I found out with the Miata.

    Then there is the other end of the spectrum, the ‘tweener years’ where it wasn’t fuel injection but it wasn’t carburetion neither and about impossible to keep going without dealer help, that was the S10 all tinkered out.

    This buggy seems fairly simple as is my 1995 chevy van so I feel comfortable fixing things, that’s a plus when you consider the hundreds the Dealers charge, even Repair Shops to fix stuff.


    • David B. Benson says:

      How did you acquire it for but 20% of the asking price.


      • Den says:

        Oil in the coolant tank was the primary reason, oil not supposed to be there, believed to be a head gasket issue, which is still in analysis stage, smells like trans oil, could be a leaky transmision cooler in the radiator also, a new radiator is on it’s way as the old one looks badly in need of replacing with the hoses, so a flush-out, new radiator then check for oil again is my line of attack at this point.

        The engine oil pan has a significant dent, significant enough to require removal as it may be up against the engine oil pickup screen partly blocking it accounting for lower than normal oil pressure.

        So to answer your question several major issues spotted by yours truly drove the price downward.


  7. David B. Benson says:

    My new neighbors to the west seem determined to pick a fight. First a noisy party and when I asked them to turn it down they said to leave, so I did and called the police. I happened to see them just as I was going down to the grocery store and pointed out I didn’t want to have to listen to their barking dog anymore. Yes we know the leader replied. When the policeman came we learned that the noise ordnance starts at 10 pm. Not for barking dogs, I informed her; next time I call the police. That’s fine, she said.


  8. Den says:

    Millenials!! Self-entitled little bassturds.


  9. Den says:

    Time to feed the animals:


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