Monday Clowns.1


You Laughing at me?

Send in the clowns. Don’t bother, they’re here,” goes the Stephen Sondheim song.

And now hysteria over creepy clown sightings has been rising to fever pitch in the US since August and is spreading internationally.

But the situation is so absurd that police departments are pleading with the attention-seekers to stop dressing up as evil clowns to scare people, while a woman organized a “peace march” that had been scheduled for Saturday night in support of clowns.

However it turned out that she herself wears some pretty scary clown makeup and had decided to call the event Clown Lives Matter.

When that crass echo of the protest movement over police killing unarmed black men triggered an avalanche of protest on social media and personal attacks against the organizer, who identifies herself on Facebook as Nikki Sinn, abruptly canceled the event. Sinn had at first declared herself amused.

“Lol, literally being called homophobic and racist for using ‘lives matter’….Haha wooow,” she posted on the social network, beneath a picture of herself grotesquely smiling with green hair and smudged eye make-up, seemingly as a version of Batman’s lethal nemesis, Joker.

That was followed by a further post on Thursday after she had canceled the event, reportedly because of threats, saying: “Kiss my ass … I’ll march alone.”

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5 Responses to Monday Clowns.1

  1. Den says:

    Soon, clowns will be running the planet!

    Oh, they already are?

    O shyt.


  2. Den says:

    Edible weed:


  3. º¿carol says:

    I’ve never liked clowns. Never would go near a Santa Claus when I was a kid because to me, he was a clown. Never liked it when I couldn’t see people’s faces. Same goes for cops with sunglasses, especially the mirrored kind.


  4. º¿carol says:

    I needed to mow this weekend, never got the chance because of rain, rain, rain. And when it wasn’t raining, everything stayed too wet to mow. Hopefully, tomorrow will be sunny so I can start at the place next door which REALLY needs it, especially on the shady trails.

    No cooking today but I have to make my salads and wash the dishes. Making the salads is cooking to me because it’s messing with food.

    Last week Pete and I went to the video store in Stockbridge and picked up a pizza at the new pizzeria. Mmm… it was almost perfect but Pete ordered it with light sauce because Bob complained about the first pizza we tried from there. There was a LOT of sauce and I thought it was spectacular. Oh, well, maybe next pizza I can have what I want, who knows.

    I made a meatloaf yesterday, had some left over swiss cheese and stuffed the center of the loaf with that. Got rid of the cheese and made the meatloaf more interesting.


  5. David B. Benson says:

    Don’t care for clowns. Too many in too many legislatures.


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