Canada eh? Saturday


Quick – picture Canada.

What comes to mind? A progressive wonderland of polite manners and majestic moose? What America might be if it evolved a little? That place you’ll move to if Trump wins?

If that’s what you think, that’s fine by us. In fact, it’s our brand: not America. The nice guys. Dull, kind and harmless. That’s how we like to be thought of.

But it’s mooseshit.

We are not the country you think we are. We never have been.

The first prime minister and founding father of Canada, John A Macdonald, was a raging alcoholic. He spent entire campaigns fabulously drunk and once vomited on stage during a stump speech. When his rival pointed it out, Macdonald shot back that he hadn’t puked because of booze, but because he had been “forced to listen to the ranting of my honourable opponent”. It was a deflection worthy of Trump. Macdonald handily won the election.
Canada is Justin Trudeau, but it is also Rob Ford
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The reason the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (our “Mounties”) ride horses is because during the labour movement of the 30s, horseback was the best way to trample protesting immigrants and miners. By the 60s, the horses were mostly just for show and the Mounties’ regular activities included subjecting suspected homosexuals to the “Fruit Machine”, a device designed to measure erotic responses to gay porn.

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12 Responses to Canada eh? Saturday

  1. jimhitchcock says:


    You’ll just have to learn to deal with it, Micki. I, too, have always considered her a phony. But, BUT, maybe as supreme leader she will have to tack to a more statesman like approach, no longer having to prove she has bigger cojones than her male counterparts.

    Yeah, that comes across as sexist; I do not apologize. The lunatic that is The Donnie is giving her the Presidency. Up to us to hold her feet to the fire. With Bernie’s help, of course 😉


    • micki says:

      I do DEAL with it. I have one of her admirable attributes (that even The Donnie recognizes), Persistence.

      As an active member in my community, I think globally, but act locally. I am a staunch advocate for the concept of developing relationships with our elected officials. I was raised that way. For example, On Tuesday, I am hosting a House Party in my home for Congressman Rick Larsen (a Democrat who disappoints at times, but VERY willing to meet with his constituents and LISTEN, who has on various occasions pesonally called me to say he’s been convinced!). I’ve invited my councilman from my Ward, a councilwoman from the neighboring Ward, our Deputy Chief of Police, a Whatcom County council member, employees from PeaceHealth St. Joe’s (the only hospital in Whatcom County). Neighbors who I know have differing political views than I do — but we are respectful of each other. From our local Museum…our dispute resolution center. Faculty from WWU. Business owners. Foundation people.

      I am a member of an Advocacy Team, trained in the relationship-building approach of the Friends Committee on National Legislation — we have lobbied Rick on a number of matters from sunsetting AUMF to changing sentencing laws, with varying degrees of success. But, we look at the long view. Persistence. Trying to find common ground with those who disagree with us — I have a long list of success stories that our Advocacy Teams can point to). I’ve been active with FCNL for years.

      As a patient advocate for change, I individually lobbied Rick, with success, to become a bipartisan cosponsor for HR. 3119 — The Palliative Care and Hospice Education and Training Act. (PeaceHealth and other professional care providers and non-medical community members are coming to my House Party to lend even more support to try to get HR. 3119 passed before the 114th Congress expires on Dec 31.)

      I view policies and problems through a wide lens — I believe I have a moral responsibility to do what I can to “try” to leave this world as good or better as what I’ve had. I call it “intergenerational equity.” Is that possible? Seems doubtful in these times, but I will continue to operate on the premise that it’s not impossible.

      I do DEAL with it. But, Hillary remains “hard to deal with” in my view. The only way she’ll come even close to leading based on what’s in the Democratic Party platform is by applying persistent pressure. In addition to being a super hawk warmonger, she’s the darling of Wall Street. (Anyone with a brain knows that.)

      Every day I remind myself, I will not let what I CANNOT do, interfere with what I CAN do.

      (…with the cards I’m dealt. )


      • jimhitchcock says:

        I know who you are, Micki, and love and respect you, because you have no quit in you.

        My yuge civil action today will be watching Hamilton’s America, recorded on PBS last night. That’s at least better than watching Dinesh D’Douzas Hillary’s America, new agitprop for the fearful and paranoid among us, the creatures who blame us librul types for all the evils in Amurica.

        Hey, I have a cousin in Seattle, Greg Amadon, google him or Terabeam sometime, it’s a pretty wild story of capitalism gone weird.


  2. Den says:

    Persistence is the key to existence.

    The rumor is Ole Hill will be outed as being gay, no big deal except with trump and his bumpkins.

    Welcome to our Psychopath Election Game, you choose which one would not mess things up too much. As with all Psychopaths, they could care less about you, just what helps them gain power over others, so choose wisely, don’t expect much except more war of course.


  3. David B. Benson says:

    TVD round trip in a slow 48 minutes. A kestrel and a smaller bird on the same limb of the tall and top dead evergreen. Later a magpie flying towards the setting sun. Most birds have already left for the winter.


  4. David B. Benson says:

    “But the Republican Party is a black hole of ignorance.”

    Would that it be that benign.


  5. micki says:

    Civic ignorance spans the spectrum in both legacy parties. A recipe for the downfall of a Republic.


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