BOO! Monday


Have a Spooky Halloween!


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  1. º¿carol says:

    Halloween doesn’t exist out here where we live. Never had a trick or treater show up in the 38 years we’ve lived here. When the kids were in school I used to drive them into Dansville where there school was to beg.

    That’s what we called trick or treating when I was a kid in the Detroit suburbs. We called it “begging.” We went door to door and called out, “Help the poor.” Once in awhile one of us might say “trick or treat,” but it was rare. “Help the poor” seems to have been a Detroit thing in the 50s.


  2. Den says:

    Insert profound statement here:


  3. Den says:

    A bunch of gun-toting rednecks take over a National Park and are let off.

    Native Americans stand unarmed in defiance of that which would spoil the land and water, an honorable position, they get maced, beaten, tents uprooted, horses killed and blasted with anti-crowd sound. They have already been tried and convicted by the New Corporate America; armed and dangerous!


  4. David B. Benson says:

    Counterclockwise to the p. stairs and up to the Hillside Cafe in 41 minutes. A circling hawk or crow and then the power house pigeon crowd.

    Day 2: 45+41=86 minutes.


  5. micki says:


    (HAPPY HALLOWE’EN! from the Mickster)

    We need to clear up some fundamental thinking.

    American politicians and foreign policy groupniks spew about how Putin is the next Hitler and must be stopped.

    The implication here is that Putin will keep doing bad things if he isn’t forced to not do them.

    What are the bad things that Putin’s Russia has done?

    Put down an uprising in Chechnya, thru mass killing, and with the justification of a likely false-flag attack. Note that Chechnya was, and is, part of Russia. This was a domestic operation.

    Attacked Georgia over a couple of provinces which were majority ethnic Russian, and (sotto voce) because Georgia was talking about joining NATO.

    Annexed Crimea, the majority of whose population wanted to join them. (There was a referendum in the 80s, which got the same results as the most recent referendum.)

    Interfered in the Eastern Ukraine, which is majority ethnic Russian.

    All of this happening after a coup, run by neo-Nazis and supported by the West, which would likely have (drumroll) lead to the Ukraine—joining NATO.

    Bombing the hell out of parts of Syria in rebellion against the Syrian government after being invited in by Syria. Russia has been Syria’s ally for decades and has interests there. Russia regrets allowing a no-fly zone over Libya after being assured by Clinton herself, that it would not be used for regime change.

    Now. What has the US done over the same span of time?

    Invaded Afghanistan after the Taliban said they would turn over OBL if evidence was given to them that he was behind 9/11. You may not believe them, but the US did not even attempt to give that evidence. The US is still there, fifteen years later, occupying a foreign country. (Yes, occupying, the Kabul government would fall if the US left, and we all know it.)

    Invaded Iraq, which had done nothing to the US and was no threat to it, on the basis of lies (including that it was behind 9/11). Occupied it for years, and essentially destroyed it as a modern secular country (this after having subjected it to a bombing campaign in the 90s, which, among other things, targeted civilian sewer systems, then subjected it to punishing sanctions which restricted basic medicines and probably caused half a million deaths of children, and many more amongst adults.).

    Supported an attack on Libya which wound up destroying that country and leaving it in anarchy.

    Supported the destruction of Syria, which has led to millions fleeing that country. The likely next President of America wanted a no fly zone. This is in essentially explicit alliance with at least one al-Qaeda affiliate.

    Meanwhile the US runs a nearly worldwide drone assassination program which has killed thousands and regularly hits weddings and funerals. It is widely acknowledged to often kill civilians, often target “the wrong” people based on algorithmic “well, he’s probably a terrorist” calculations, and has even been used to kill an American citizen without due process. This program, lacking all respect for sovereignty or due process, is clearly terrorism by any definition which doesn’t say “States can’t do terrorism.”

    So. Russia has acted either to keep nations on its borders, who were part of it for centuries, to not join NATO, which it considers an existential threat; to put down a rebellion in its own territory; and to aid a multi-decade ally who is in danger due to an American and American ally (including Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States) supported uprising?

    America has attacked three countries, only one of whom may have attacked it, all of which are half the world away. Two of them were clearly no threat to the US, the other was questionable (and there were plans on the shelf to just go in, take out OBL and not occupy Afghanistan). It kills people with impunity throughout the world, with little regard for civilian casualties, in countries it is not even at war with.

    Who is the rogue state? Who needs to be stopped before they kill, and kill again?

    One can disagree with much of what Russia has done (the unfettered bombing of Aleppo and the atrocities of Chechnya in particular) and still say that America is clearly a rogue nation, and the greater threat to world peace.


  6. Den says:

    Until next year and a new All Hallows Eve


  7. Michele N. says:

    Happy halloween! I like the post.


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