Nuclear AWAReness Saturday


We have enough nukes to blow the top half of the Earth clean off, comforting isn’t it.

The Bulletin, Victor Gilinsky Author,

Victor Gilinsky has for many years been an independent consultant, mainly on nuclear issues. He earlier served two terms on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

The world relies too much on the indefinite continuation of the post-1945 taboo on military use of nuclear weapons. It was never a secure bar to such use, but now official statements and academic writings indicate a perceptible weakening of it. If a nuclear weapon country used its weapons in anger, anywhere, even on a relatively small scale, it would signal that nuclear war was no longer a theoretical possibility, but a reality. That realization is likely to have far-reaching political and social consequences worldwide. Yet it is hard to find any examination of what these consequences may be.

I don’t mean studies on the effects of nuclear weapons, or of a nuclear Armageddon, of which there is no lack. Anyone can access web-based graphic displays to estimate the devastation of a nuclear bomb dropping on his or her city. I have never heard of anyone moving out of one of those cities out of fear of a nuclear attack, but if a real nuclear bomb dropped somewhere, even far off, people are likely to think about it differently.



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26 Responses to Nuclear AWAReness Saturday

  1. David B. Benson says:

    The year 2024 is the beginning of the end according to “The Limits to Growth”.


  2. jimhitchcock says:

    So JFK’s missile gap, which was nonsense at the time, is now real?

    Still basically bullshit.

    The US, Russia, China, not going to allow a rogue nation (NK , even Pakistan and India) popping off a firecracker. MAD still exists.


  3. Den says:

    Too many variables sometimes leads to disaster.


  4. David B. Benson says:

    The rain had stopped by the time I started around counterclockwise to the Tokyo Seoul. Took 44 minutes. Saw two flocks of swallows, I think those were.

    But I arrived too early as, unbeknownst to me, the Tokyo Seoul does not open until noon on the weekends. So I am sitting here watching the floor being vacuumed.


  5. David B. Benson says:

    Just finished reading the entire Opinion Pages of TNYT today. The Donald is a charlatan. Or, as the mayor of New York put it, I know a con when I see it.



  6. Den says:

    Sniveler in Chief all butt-hurt cuz Pence got his comeuppance even though a 30 person walk by slapping would have done more good to his little granite mind.
    Hey pal we are just getting started…


  7. jimhitchcock says:

    Started when I was maybe 55

    The checkers at Save Mart were conditioned to ask me if I needed help out to my car

    Hell, I didn’t look old, was tall, erect posture, mobile as a younger man…

    (Thinking on my feet) See me in 20 years.

    Next week repsonse was 25 years, then 30, then I’d reset to 20.

    Wasn’t long before said checkers would just grin at me.

    Been 5 months since that Save Mart shut down in preparing to reopen as a Food Maxx.

    Same routine when I started shopping at the Save Mart on the other side of Carson City…now I just grin and wink at checkout and they say ‘I know, 20 years, right?’

    Life is good


  8. Den says:

    I resemble that remark!


  9. º¿carol says:

    Here I am, at last! Saturday stuff to do, plus Jill dropped Quincy off for several hours. Cold weather finally found us today after a 73° day yesterday. Amazing how weather can snap like that here in the Great Lakes area. I expect she snaps like that in every state though.

    Doc! I can’t believe the card landed right on your birthday! Not sure when I mailed it, Monday or Tuesday. A friend sent us an anniversary card that she mailed 5 days ago from Up North in Kalkaska, MI. and it landed on our very anniversary date. But 5 days? We could drive there in about 4 hours.


  10. º¿carol says:

    Doc, you ARE getting more exercise than most people. People will always get a ride everywhere before they’d walk. I, at least, walk around our property once a day for an hour or a little more. Not even remotely equal to the hours you put in on foot.

    As Den said, you’re lucky where you live, lots to do. It’s good to be around young people. When Bob and I were young, married only a couple years, his grandmother got rid of her house and went into an assisted living place in Ohio. We went to visit her and she said it was hard, being around nothing but old people. She said it was dragging her down. I tell you, I always feel better when I’ve been out with my kids. They aren’t getting fuzzy like Bob and I, lol. They perk me up.


  11. º¿carol says:

    Dammit, Jim! I know I didn’t see you post about “Trumpland” until just now, a day late, but I ran out in the living room and had Bob scour Showtime for it, it’s nowhere!

    But you had a wink after your statement. Were you making a joke about the foam in the picture, that THAT was Trumpland?


  12. º¿carol says:

    Jim, read the post about co-worker Jay. Crazy mo-fo’s out there. One of my Facebook friends, a girl who graduated with Jill, posted an article today, saying Congress just voted to strip all power from Obama for the rest of his presidency. I clicked on comments and wherever it was posted EVERYone was nuts. Granted, I didn’t scroll down very far but I haven’t enough time to track down any sane people that may have posted there.

    I posted about her w/o naming names, and begged people like that to use Google, PLEASE! It’s damn scary how this country is evolving. We’re settling into militant camps, there’s the stupids and the rest of us. The age old battle of good and evil now boils down to the republicans and the Democrats. If we people don’t get control back the Democrats will evolve to full evil, too. THEN what?


  13. º¿carol says:

    Densaid: “Lets just see how bad the yahoo can fuck shit up then wonder why we did not stop him in the beginning, regrets are a bitch, better get a dump truck, or a boxcar.”

    I’m very concerned that Trump will run wild and no checks and balances will show up. He’s already getting away with all kinds of no-nos. Daughter and son-in-law in a meeting with the Japanese president while the press corp that covers things like that was absent. His phone calls to dignitaries on unsecured phones. He wants to live in Trump Tower, wasting oodles of taxpayer money to secure and inconvenience NYC! That’s mad! If he didn’t want to be be president he shouldn’t have run. He can just get is ass into the White House and stay put until he needs a break to clear brush at Trump Tower. I hate that mother-fucker. Will rules and protocol and good sense keep him in Washington, or will he win and live part time in NYC? I’m afraid he’ll get his way on that and every other awful thing he’ll want to do.


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