Terrifying Thursday


Theft by proxy

Yes, Donald Trump’s politics are incoherent. But those who surround him know just what they want, and his lack of clarity enhances their power. To understand what is coming, we need to understand who they are. I know all too well, because I have spent the past 15 years fighting them.

Over this time, I have watched as tobacco, coal, oil, chemicals and biotech companies have poured billions of dollars into an international misinformation machine composed of thinktanks, bloggers and fake citizens’ groups. Its purpose is to portray the interests of billionaires as the interests of the common people, to wage war against trade unions and beat down attempts to regulate business and tax the very rich. Now the people who helped run this machine are shaping the government.

I first encountered the machine when writing about climate change. The fury and loathing directed at climate scientists and campaigners seemed incomprehensible until I realised they were fake: the hatred had been paid for. The bloggers and institutes whipping up this anger were funded by oil and coal companies.

Among those I clashed with was Myron Ebell of the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI). The CEI calls itself a thinktank, but looks to me like a corporate lobbying group. It is not transparent about its funding, but we now know it has received $2m from ExxonMobil, more than $4m from a group called the Donors Trust (which represents various corporations and billionaires), $800,000 from groups set up by the tycoons Charles and David Koch, and substantial sums from coal, tobacco and pharmaceutical companies.

George Monbiot @ TG


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18 Responses to Terrifying Thursday

  1. David B. Benson says:

    Yes, that too.


  2. David B. Benson says:

    Stick walking for 22 crisp minutes to Waddell & Reed and then 20 minutes and up the p. stairs to Sloan totals 42 minutes so far today. Mostly sun out.


  3. David B. Benson says:

    The Donald is draining the swamp to maker room for the cess pool overflow.


  4. Den says:

    It is getting real ugly out there.


  5. jimhitchcock says:

    Meant to read him last night, will when I get home.

    Meanwhile, I don’t think I ever told Micki about my cousin Greg:


    Was reminded of him when I read about his pal Howard Schultz stepping down today.


    • Den says:

      “It has not done this even on a trial basis as yet.” I feel is the statement that seals the deal, all these richies pouring money into unproven technology, wow.

      I’m a laser tech, HeNe and diode type, light does not like physical interference, focused radio waves would serve him better.

      Gold dripping from the corners,
      gold in the aisles,
      gold has become,
      the new Golden Calf.

      You remember what happened the last time…


    • Micki says:

      “The company which has about 400 employees, has no paying customers.”

      All in a day’s work at Virtual i/O

      Doubt if he’s your kissin’ cousin. 😉


  6. º¿carol says:

    The evil republicans in Lansing are always ruining things. Washtenaw County where Ann Arbor is located, approved an ordinance putting a 10-cent fee on most plastic bags used by retailers. So, the republican legislature approved a bill that they will send to Snyder’s desk, making it illegal for any town, village, county in Michigan to banning or putting fees on plastic bags. *sigh*

    I said to Bob, republicans are weird, they seem to be against everything and anything that is good, etc. Then I opened the comments and the first comment was this:

    “It continues to amaze me that the Republicans in our legislature pick the immoral side of every issue. Do they sit down and figure out what the right thing to do would be and then just automatically choose the opposite?

    That’s it! They seem to be destroyers and that’s all they are.


  7. º¿carol says:

    Took my right foot to the doctor yesterday. He said I injured it somehow, it was swollen, put ice on it and he showed me a couple ankle exercises. No xray. I put cold on it once yesterday, once this morning and did the exercise a couple times yesterday and today, and my foot is almost normal. Geez, why didn’t I think to put ice on the damn thing. Because I’ve never put ice on me anywhere my entire life, lol.

    Doc also put a referral in for me to the Lansing Ophthalmology Institute and damn if they didn’t call me a couple hours later and I have an appointment tomorrow morning! WOO HOO. And Pete will be available to drive me there and back. Bob is happy because he wanted me to get over there before the end of the year, before the deductible starts over in January.

    Now I hope the guy who checked us for glasses last year and said I had macular degeneration beginning, was wrong. He was the first guy who didn’t dilate our eyes for an eye check-up, another doctor at the same place I’m going tomorrow, the one who lasered off the cyst under my eye, he said THEY still dilate eyes and that if I was worried about what was said to me, his place is the place to go.

    Gosh, I hope I get good news. I’m afraid I would have to kill myself if I went blind. 😦


  8. Den says:

    A case of ‘light’ indigestion:


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