Big Mac Thursday


Whatever happened to the 15cent burgers anyway?

A wave of revulsion rolls around the world. Approval ratings for incumbent leaders are everywhere collapsing. Symbols, slogans and sensation trump facts and nuanced argument. One in six Americans now believe that military rule would be a good idea. From all this I draw the following, peculiar conclusion: no country with a McDonald’s can remain a democracy.

Twenty years ago, the New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman proposed his “golden arches theory of conflict prevention”. This holds that “no two countries that both have McDonald’s have ever fought a war against each other since they each got their McDonald’s”.

Friedman’s was one of several end-of-history narratives suggesting that global capitalism would lead to permanent peace. He claimed that it might create “a tip-over point at which a country, by integrating with the global economy, opening itself up to foreign investment and empowering its consumers, permanently restricts its capacity for troublemaking and promotes gradual democratisation and widening peace”. He didn’t mean that McDonald’s ends war, but that its arrival in a nation symbolised the transition.

In using McDonald’s as shorthand for the forces tearing democracy apart, I am, like him, writing figuratively. I do not mean that the presence of the burger chain itself is the cause of the decline of open, democratic societies (though it has played its part in Britain, using our defamation laws against its critics). Nor do I mean that countries hosting McDonald’s will necessarily mutate into dictatorships.

George Monbiot @ TG


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19 Responses to Big Mac Thursday

  1. Den says:

    Another rough day in paradise chucking down hamburgers, only problem, it now will cost you $6 for an Egg McMuffin and orange juice. 😦


  2. David B. Benson says:

    No McDonald’s in the Middle East?


  3. David B. Benson says:

    Took 14 minutes on the sticks up the semicleared B Street sidewalk to the Hillside Cafe. The breeze is nippy on the cheeks!


  4. Den says:

    Decorated my tree until my ankle gave out, done at least, still have a string of lights to put somewhere, no snow to be found here.


    • º¿carol says:

      Hey, nice to hear you decorate!!! I’m very impressed. I don’t remember you mentioning before that you decorated at Christmas.


  5. jimhitchcock says:

    Irony that one of the worst American’s visited Ohio the same day as one of the great ones died.


  6. David B. Benson says:

    6:03 pm and not a snowflake in the air.


  7. Den says:

    Man, this cat really swings!


  8. º¿carol says:

    This weekend we may get to see if the new snow fence helps. Last thing I want is snow, but it’s winter, it’s inevitable.


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