Wowzer Wednesday


Cast your mind back to four months ago, when Donald Trump was just a long-shot candidate with a hot-headed adviser by the name of Michael Flynn.

It was the homestretch of the presidential election and national security wasn’t some side issue, mentioned in passing. Trump promised he would be a tough national security president with the toughest national security team.

In fact, one of his favorite arguments was that Hillary Clinton couldn’t be trusted with the country’s national security because, he claimed, she couldn’t be trusted with her private email server.

It sounded ridiculous at the time. But after a month of this gonzo president, our memories are already fading. Propaganda will do that to you, as George Orwell warned us all in 1984. Sometimes two and two are four. Sometimes they are five.

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13 Responses to Wowzer Wednesday

  1. Den says:

    Looking more and more like rich boy had the rooskies help getting elected now their help might get him kicked to the curb. Of course he will be staunchly defended by the puggers in Congress.

    Pop some popcorn and watch the story unfold.


  2. David B. Benson says:

    In the light drizzle but 50 minutes to the TVD bridge and return. A few birds in the half dead tall fir tree.

    I forgot to subtract the down stairs and up 2 minutes for this route on Monday, so
    Day 4: 145-2+50=193 minutes.


  3. David B. Benson says:

    SecLabor pre-resigned.



  4. º¿carol says:

    It’s a national nightmare, not just Trump, but the republican Congress that is willing to let the man-child get away with anything illegal and immoral if it helps them keep power. Party over country, and they should all be tried for treason.

    I think at some point they may have to cave because Trump’s crimes will be too over the top. They’ll come to that conclusion when more people upset their apple carts at town hall meetings, and with more protests springing up everywhere, or if he puts our soldiers in harms way with another war. The pentagon is rattling their saber, saying they want soldiers sent into Syria. Oh, joy, more maimed and dead young men and women.

    There’s another protest/march in Lansing in April which I hope to attend.


  5. º¿carol says:

    Crazy republicans, like Rand Paul, saying he doesn’t think republicans should be investigating republicans. Well, then let the Democrats do it, you putz!

    Caught MSNBC off and on during the day and evening, something I NEVER used to do, but do now thanks to that “Cheeto-FacedShitGibbon.” That’s Hajji’s name for SCROTUS, cracks me up every time he uses it.

    The other day he referred to Kellyanne as “Kellyanne Cryptkeeper.” He always makes me laugh, he’s so angry about Trump, at our fellow Americans, even more than I am, lol.

    Anyway, MSNBC interviews lots of people, a lot of republicans. The republicans make me sick when asked about the Flynn thing, or anything for that matter. They weasel out of being human beings that should give a shit. Love when they claim there’s no proof: THAT’S WHY THERE SHOULD BE AN INVESTIGATION, you morons! How ELSE can you get proof?

    They thought nothing of investigating “Benghazi” over and over and over, but not this Russian thing?

    What a gd mess we have.


  6. º¿carol says:

    Today Trump had Netan-yahoo here and they had a press conference where Trump only called on right-wing news sites to ask questions. One of the Jewish questioners asked about anti-semitism here in the U.S. and Trump immediately started to talk about how many electoral votes he got. He is NEVER going to grow up.

    As my daughter-in-law pointed out, “He is grown up, thats as good as it gets for those with narcissism and sociopathic tendencies. Lucky us.”

    It’s said that Trump won’t get away with his shit for much longer because running this country is not like him lording it over a business. The checks and balances, the laws, the courts will catch up with him and put a stop to it all. God, I hope so. If controlling him is only in the hands of Congress, we’re doomed. Except, I think there are some republicans that are pretty sour on Trump. We need those kind of republicans.


  7. Den says:

    Man accidentally sees Trump naked!


  8. David B. Benson says:

    Home from the symphonic wind ensemble concert. Had the opportunity to complement Alice for the confidence she displayed. I’m not alone in thinking she has a performance career ahead of her.

    Also chatted with Greg and then Peggy and thanked the two guest artists just before leaving.


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