Trump’s War Thursday


During his Tuesday night address to the U.S. Congress, President Trump paid tribute to Ryan Owens, the Navy SEAL killed in the January commando raid in Yemen that Trump ordered. As he did so, television cameras focused for almost four full minutes on Owens’ grieving wife, Carryn, as she wept and applauded while sitting next to and being periodically touched by Trump’s glamorous daughter, Ivanka. The entire chamber stood together in sustained applause, with Trump interjecting scripted, lyrical expressions of support and gratitude for her husband’s sacrifice.

It was, as intended, an obviously powerful TV moment. Independent of the political intent behind it, any well-functioning human being would feel great empathy watching a grieving spouse mourning and struggling to emotionally cope with the recent, sudden death of her partner. The majestic setting of the U.S. Congress, solemnly presided over by the U.S. President, vested the moment with political gravity.

Media commentators predictably gushed that this was the moment Trump became “presidential.” Meanwhile, the U.S. media’s most reliable partisan warriors, horrified that the moment might benefit Trump, instantly accused him of exploiting these emotions, and exploiting Carryn Owens herself, for his own political benefit.

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10 Responses to Trump’s War Thursday

  1. Den says:

    Feeding the propaganda machine continues unabated at the highest levels of government brimming with apologists for the racist-in-chief and his meddling minions.

    Sessions pointing the blame at the Dems for blowing his cover:


  2. David B. Benson says:

    Warmed way up today. Meteorological winter is over.


  3. Den says:

    The whole fetid bucket of pond scum needs to be shown the door.


  4. Den says:

    Suicide by chair:


  5. º¿carol says:

    Still coldish here, not too windy.

    Been following the Jeff Sessions scandal, been arguing with a right-wing FB friend who thinks Sessions is a nice man, and that the Navy Seal is dead because, you know….Obama.

    Did I mention we sold our Camry yesterday? I probably did.

    I can’t open the Detroit Free Press or the Lansing State Journal, or it turns out, USA today. All owned by the same company. A friend went to the Free press and had no problem. So, it’s me. I tried to get in on all three of our computers, it loaded the same on all three. A column down the right side of the home page but the pictures, and blocks of stories don’t load.

    On this computer I ran Malwarebytes and had Kaspersky do a scan, stupid as that was because all three computers are acting the same. Someone said maybe I said something bad and got myself banned, but I NEVER comment on those two sites.

    On Bob’s computer, since he wasn’t using it, I disabled two add-ons, didn’t help. I’m at a loss as to what may have happened.

    That all three of our computers are affected, the link is the internet, Exede. Can’t imagine it’s our carrier screwing up 3 websites. Maybe it’s Firefox? But on all three computers?

    I hope it just magically works the next few days. Having the problem fix itself would be the cat’s pajamas. That’s what happens when FB acts up, I think it’s me, but it’s always them and suddenly it works properly.

    Guess I’ll go play the few videos I saved today to watch after midnight, then play a little Farmville then go out to the LR, catch up on some MSNBC then hit the sack.


  6. David B. Benson says:

    Home from the contemporary art music concert; more coming Friday and Saturday. It was impressive, especially the first woodwind quintet piece and the last jazz piano with orchestra concerto. Chatted a bit with Keadrin both before and after, also after with the bass player with the C extension bass. Congratulated the local composers.


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