Saturday Reading

Trump's Cabinet, in General

(Note the date)

Trump’s brand of populism and politics are a tragedy for democracy and a triumph for authoritarianism. Using manipulation, misrepresentation and a discourse of hate, he is pushing policies designed to destroy the welfare state and the institutions that make a democracy possible. Trump’s first few months in office offer a terrifying glimpse of an authoritarian project that combines the ruthlessness of neoliberalism with an attack on historical memory, critical agency, education, equality and truth itself. While the US may not be in the full bloom of the fascism of the 1930s, it is at the tipping point of a virulent, American-style authoritarianism. These are truly dangerous times as right-wing extremists continue to move from the margins to the center of political life.

I asked renowned public intellectual and social activist Henry Giroux—who has written extensively on cultural studies, youth studies, popular culture, media studies, social theory and the politics of higher and public education—to discuss the new developments that are taking place in the United States and the possible strategies and tactics to engage successfully in processes of resistance and egalitarian social transformation during the Trump era. In this interview, he analyzes the underlying forces of authoritarianism at work in the United States and Europe, and argues that resistance is not simply an option but a necessity.


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11 Responses to Saturday Reading

  1. Den says:

    First violence then the bullies to ensure things stay violent. Rich boy is the supreme bully with his bully minions dutifully carrying out his orders.

    We need his crap like we need another hole in our heads, NO BULLIES!!

    Get that crazy bastard out of there!


  2. jimhitchcock says:

    Kitchen sink a little plugged up today, put the plumbers helper through a short round, fitting burst, black water over the kitchen floor.

    Oh man the smell


  3. David B. Benson says:

    House to the top of Terre View Blvd was 50 minutes, past magpies and Mallard ducks in the ponds; thence down and around to the Grimes Way intersection for a total of 75 minutes, past horses, dairy cattle and a solitary solitary bee; chugged west on Grimes Way to the university and thence to the Hillside Cafe for a daily total of 114 minutes. I can tell I’m out of shape for such long walks.

    Day 7: 186+114=300 minutes. That’s more like it!0


  4. Den says:

    No reading while riding!!


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