Nazi Turds Thursday


American Nazi party members march while carrying Nazi and American flags near Camp Siegfried, Long Island. (Getty)

A Long Island enclave established by Nazi sympathizers has to dramatically change the way it operates to end decades of discrimination against nonwhite people, according to a settlement announced today by the Attorney General’s Office.

The German-American League was founded in 1937 as an offshoot of the Nazi-promoting German-American Bund, and bought up tract homes in the Suffolk County hamlet of Yaphank. At first, the group operated its property as Camp Siegfried, a Nazi summer camp that for a time had its own train from Penn Station. In the late 1930s, Camp Siegfried officials were indicted on charges of violating the New York State Civil Rights Act, according to the New York Times.

Subsequently, as the camp transitioned into a 40-acre residential community, the League toned down the overt Nazi stuff, ending the parades and sieg heiling and coming up with new names for the streets originally named after Hitler, Goering, and Goebbels. Still, for decades, the organization has exercised strict control over who can live there. It owns the land beneath the houses, and long restricted leases to members and people sponsored by members. Membership, by the way, was limited to people “primarily of German extraction and of good character and reputation.”



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12 Responses to Nazi Turds Thursday

  1. Den says:

    “Good character and reputation” Nazi’s??
    The ultimate in self delusion standards as applied by profound human ignorance.


  2. Carol ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ says:

    Nazis in NY. Groups of all kinds of people everywhere, like Hell’s Angels and the Kiwanis.

    The only group that is dangerous and EVERYone should worry about, are republicans. The party of sociopaths, everything they touch turns to crap.


    • Den says:

      I’m sure the Kiwanis would be glad to be lumped in the same category as Nazi’s.


      • Carol ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ says:

        The point I was making is that society is made up of all kinds of groups, none of them are as dangerous as the republican party is.


  3. Carol ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ says:

    We’ve had a couple days in a row that are approaching hot. I think 85° was today’s high, at least that’s what my car told me on my way home from Meijer’s in Mason.

    I turned the A/C on when Snotty was here, turned it off when she left and opened the windows. Jill’s Brian is going to send a friend of his over here, a heating/cooling guy. We’re wondering if the unit isn’t strong enough to cool down this small house of only 960 square feet. When Snotty left I noticed it was cooler outside so I turned the A/C off and opened all the windows. We need the A/C to be up to par to help Bob breathe easier.


    • Carol ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ says:

      Jim signed up for Obamacare awhile back, so he has some kind of insurance but there are ALWAYS out-of-pocket expenses.


  4. Den says:

    Kitty Pong:


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