Total Tard Trump Tuesday


Trumps’ head is this big! Really!

High-profile supporters of President Donald Trump are turning on special counsel Robert Mueller, the man charged with investigating Russian interference in the U.S. election and possible collusion with Trump’s campaign.

As Mueller builds his legal team, Trump’s allies have begun raising questions about the former FBI director’s impartiality, suggesting he cannot be trusted to lead the probe. The comments come amid increasing frustration at the White House and among Trump supporters that the investigation will overshadow the president’s agenda for months to come — a prospect that has Democrats salivating.

Trump friend Chris Ruddy, the CEO of Newsmax, went so far as to suggest the president was already thinking about “terminating” Mueller.

“I think he’s considering perhaps terminating the special counsel,” Ruddy said in an interview with Judy Woodruff of “PBS NewsHour.” ″I think he’s weighing that option.”

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, an informal Trump adviser, tweeted Monday, “Republicans are delusional if they think the special counsel is going to be fair. Look who he is hiring,” tweeted

Just weeks ago, Gingrich had heaped praise on Mueller, hailing him as a “superb choice” for special counsel whose reputation was “impeccable for honesty and integrity.”

But after the testimony of former FBI Director James Comey last week, Gingrich said he’d changed his mind.

@ AP

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12 Responses to Total Tard Trump Tuesday

  1. Den says:

    Sessions exposed himself as the asshole for rich boy he really is today, refusing to answer the committee’s questions claiming some sort of presidential conversational privilege no one knows about. The puggers on the panel slathered him with praise as expected while the dems and 1 independent all tried to dig into him but his stonewalling continued along with his blathering, a neat trick of his was to keep yammering without saying anything, nor answering the questions from the dems to eat up their time so he could move onto a more friendly pugger panel member.

    Until he got to Kamala Harris (my Senator), she did not accept his blather and in fact had him flustered because he thought she was moving too fast with questions he did not want to hear and actually commented he could not comprehend because of her requiring yes/no answers, HA!

    The elephant in the room was never discussed; Why was the Admin. so dis-interested in the Russian hacking despite being a major National crisis? And why did rich boy want to make the investigation go away badly enough to phony-up Comeys’ firing by fabricating a document about Comey doing such a bad job with Ole Hill he should be fired, while troll boy heaped praise on him (Comey) initially for his excellent handling of the last minute Ole Hill email investigation, or was he just rich boys’ hatchet man doing his masters bidding? (Yes)

    The new FBI appointee has been discussed here a few days back, he is dangerous, between him and ‘look the other way’ troll boy, they will attempt to decimate the Russian investigation by the DOJ from the inside fulfilling rich boys wishes and dragging this country down the drain to dictatorship.

    There is no doubt dissent will be snuffed out by force if they get their way, I doubt any of the puggers will object, leaving it for history to see the truth and expose it.


  2. jimhitchcock says:

    6″ of sutures removed today, and my appetite is coming back with a vengeance.

    Doc scripted 10 days of bactrim due to a little pus, but I don’t see him again until September, so I guess I’m good. Except my left ear will always be numb.


    • Carol ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ says:

      Just sat down here and wondered how you were doing, Jim. Left ear always numb, something to have to live with. So many things we have to live with that creep up on us as we age. 😦


    • Den says:

      Recovering well I presume with the returning appetite, yay!


  3. Den says:

    I almost forgot the veiled threat to prosecute Comey for leaking his memo, actually looked like that was already in progress by his body language and this:

    From the TNYT:
    Saying intelligence officials’ leaking of sensitive matters “is already resulting in investigations,” Mr. Sessions added, “I fear that some people may find that they wish they hadn’t leaked”


  4. Carol ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ says:

    First backwashing of the pool filter yesterday. The new filter is working WONDERfully. But the motor’s switch has gone bad and I need to used the on/off switch constantly when backwashing. It went totally bad and I couldn’t turn the motor off when I was adding the clean DE to the filter. The hose I use to backwash the yuck out of the filter blew off from the high pressure of the new tank and nailed me in the midsection, which means I was soaked from my hair to the feet IN MY BRAND NEW SHOES in seconds! Ran for the extension cord the motor was plugged into and hoped I wouldn’t get electrocuted when I pulled the plug.

    I stood there looking down at myself and what else, started to cry. Got into the house, to the john to strip out of my soaked everything, blubbering. Poor Bob, I couldn’t tell him what happened and he had to wait while I got my shit together. I’m such a girl anymore. EVERYthing can get me upset now. 😦 Jill has said she thinks I need Prozac, or something, lol.

    Drove my 50 mile round trip to my pool store to get a new $10 switch and now I’m waiting for a man to visit so he can switch the switch out for me. Too bad you don’t live out here, Den. The perfect guy for the job.


  5. Carol ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ says:

    Hot here now! In the 90s. Three days ago humidity was only 28%, perfect day, didn’t need the A/C.

    The last couple days, HOLY MOLY! Yesterday I didn’t put the A/C on until after noon, today I had to turn it on around 10:00.

    When I went out around 8:30 last night, after being in the house all day, had to get used to the heat and humidity, which I did, thank goodness. We’re in a drought now so no mosquitoes for us, no nosee-ums to swat away from your face. Perfect summer weather actually with the lack of annoying insects.


  6. Den says:

    Huge fire in London high rise apartment


  7. David B. Benson says:

    Rebecca Wexler has an op-ed in today’s TNYT well worth reading.


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