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Choo Choo Monday

  Thanks to Doc for the great pics. Someone needs to give the little Loco some love and some steam. 🙂 Advertisements

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Cloudy Sunday

NOCTILUCENT CLOUDS FROM SPACE: This week, sky watchers near the Arctic Circle have reported nightly displays of bright noctilucent clouds.  The silvery ripples of NLCs look amazing from the ground, but they look even better from space.  NASA’s AIM spacecraft took this picture of the … Continue reading

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Empower the Stupid Saturday

Last Wednesday, July 19, was something of a busy news day. There was word North Korea was making preparations for yet another provocative missile test. The Supreme Court, in its latest ruling in the controversial travel ban case, said that … Continue reading

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FRReyeDae FFuhhKNeeZ

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Fake Truth Thursday

In an age of Photoshop, filters and social media, many of us are used to seeing manipulated pictures – subjects become slimmer and smoother or, in the case of Snapchat, transformed into puppies. However, there’s a new breed of video … Continue reading

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Chompy the Squirrel Wednesday

A squirrel has been terrorizing Prospect Park visitors and my mother since last Friday, and though it’s been a few days since the nefarious rodent showed its bite-y little face, a handful of people say they’ve been attacked and the … Continue reading

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Torrents Tuesday

If humans go on burning fossil fuels, then California might, after all, remain the Golden State. It will get warmer. But, against all predictions, it might also get wetter. A new study suggests that by the century’s end, Californians could … Continue reading

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