Chompy the Squirrel Wednesday


Chompy the angry squirrel.

A squirrel has been terrorizing Prospect Park visitors and my mother since last Friday, and though it’s been a few days since the nefarious rodent showed its bite-y little face, a handful of people say they’ve been attacked and the city is on alert. There’s been some speculation (though no proof) that the squirrel is rabid, hence its remarkable thirst for human blood—but it’s also possible lil Squirricula is someone’s escaped pet, and she just wants a snack, dammit!
Such is the theory put forth by the NY Times, which spoke to several wildlife experts about the sharp-toothed menace’s strange behavior. Squirrels don’t usually attack humans (unless they’re MTA workers), and a rabies infection could certainly explain the Prospect Park squirrel’s predilection for violence. But no local squirrel has been found to have rabies in the 25 years since the city started testing them for it, and in fact, the disease is quite rare in squirrels overall.
Arina Hinzen, a state wildlife rehabilitator, told the paper there’s a chance a human took the squirrel home when it was a baby, fed it like a pet, and then released it into the park when, like any tween, it stopped being cute. “I get bitten by the ones I nursed and loved and cared for since they were teeny, tiny, little adorable ones,” Hinzen said. “Possibly somebody raised it at home and then found out the hard way that they do not make very good pets. Then they put it outside and now this poor, psycho squirrel is attacking everybody.”


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16 Responses to Chompy the Squirrel Wednesday

  1. Den says:

    More evidence of animals turning against humanity, we are all in danger.


  2. Micki says:

    I dunno…Bill was mugged by a squirrel in Central Park back in the early 70s. We were sitting on a bench, minding our own business, watching all the activity sort of “Sunday in the Park with George” style and along comes this squirrel… he nipped at one guy’s pant leg, zipped over to a child whose parents went nuts, then scurried in our direction and nipped at Bill’s leg. No real harm done, but it was weird…


  3. jimhitchcock says:

    We’ll, Den, at least you don’t have to face Kershaw this weekend.


  4. David B. Benson says:

    TVD bridge route in a speedy 48 minutes. Only a few birds observed this late.

    Day 4: 120+48=168 minutes.


  5. David B. Benson says:

    “Those of us who expected the worst following the last election were too optimistic.”
    — Roger Rabbit


  6. Den says:

    No description needed:


  7. Carol ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ says:

    Today was a much, MUCH better day in the world of Bob’s confusion, but his breathing was still very labored. Beth came again today and took me in another room, told me she didn’t know what was going on w/ Bob but this could very well be near the end. She told Bob the same thing, ran into Jill at the Hospice/rehab place where Jill also works and told her.

    He was so much better mentally. Around 5:00 p.m. I finally allowed him to use the DVR controller again and he had no problem with it like yesterday when I had to take it away from him, lol. Like dealing with a 3 year old. But it’s not really funny.

    I’m pushing him around in the wheel chair from bed, to LR to the john. I have to tell you this though: we, especially me, always thinks that damn Norco he takes, the highest dose two pills every 4 hours created the confusion, except he’s been on it so long. Still, I HATE that drug. I gave him his 4:00 p.m. two pills yesterday when both Jill and Beth were here and he hasn’t had another Norco since! I asked him through the evening, during the night when he called me to take him to the john, and he always said his back was fine. Go figure. Same all day today. NO Norcos! It’s frickin’ amazing! If there were to be miracle, I wish it would give him new lungs so he could stay with me longer.

    Today I called Bob’s brother and oldest friend and he talked to them. Jill called his sister, and her and her husband called Bob this evening. One of Pete and Jill’s oldest friends that was like a third kid to us when they were back in school, HE called Bob. Tomorrow and the next day two other school friends that were like our kids are coming to visit. This sure beats a stupid funeral which he won’t have, getting to say goodbye to these people and tell them how much he loved them and loved having them in his life.

    Of course, Bob isn’t going to check out tonight, or even in the next few days…he may last weeks, or longer, no one knows. He said he was ok with the news because he’s so sick of being sick, tired of trying to breathe. It will be over and he’s ok with that.

    BUT I’M NOT! *sniff* Been with him since I met him when I was 17, I can’t imagine life w/o him.


  8. Carol ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ says:

    Thank you for your kind words, Micki. Yes, Hospice is wonderful. His nurse is so caring, it’s not put on, she’s just one of those kind of people who is perfect for the job. She’s a hugger, which I love. She kneels on the floor in front of Bob and looks up into his eyes and is so kind to him.

    Yes, he chose Hospice rather than die in a hospital. Emphysema is a death sentence and he knows it. He chose to stay home. I know after that stint in the hospital and rehab place, during that time, I HATED him being in there. I knew by what they did for him each day that he would be better off, better cared for here at home.

    I’m so tired, or it’s just my eyes from the tears that keep springing to my eyes. The salt in tears, blech.

    So…let’s hope he has a little more time and that by some miracle his breathing is a tad better in the morning. It’s be horribly humid here in Michigan this summer, it sucks. The A/C Pete urged us to install can’t get it all out of the air. I know I can feel it cling to me if I get busy doing something. I’ll get clammy right away. I’m hoping the humidity disappears, if even for a day like it did a couple Fridays ago. That was most beautiful day.


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