Saturday Stewings


It’s not news to most people that the US in no longer a true Democracy. Gilens and Page proved it in 2014, using hard data. More recently, the Economist’s Democracy Index, dropped the US down to a “flawed democracy,” in 2016, and when the firmly neoliberal Economist thinks you have issues with freedom – you’ve got issues.

It’s one thing to lose our freedoms; it’s quite another to lose them to a collection of anti-science whack jobs straight out of the middle ages.

And of course, with Herr Trump doing his best to neutralize the already eviscerated press, scare the hell out of us, keep us distracted from real issues, and govern by tweets, things have only gotten worse.

What’s not as well understood is precisely how a right wing de facto coup caused the US to move from a democracy to an oligarchy, and how the inmates took over the revolt.

Trump, of course, has added a whole new dimension to the coup. No longer are we simply living in an oligarchy, we’ve become a nation suffering from full on psychosis, and Trump is the logical endpoint of the coup’s reliance on fear, distraction, hate, anger and xenophobia. What makes it possible for an abomination like Trump to gain power is that the institutions we used to rely upon to confront the oligarchy have been taken over by it in the last four decades. Two in particular have contributed to the tragedy that is Trump.

John Atcheson @ SMIRKING CHIMP

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13 Responses to Saturday Stewings

  1. Den says:

    Nothing like an angry essay to get you going in the morning, rich boy certainly brings out the worst in people, anger, anger, growl, snark, bite!


  2. Carol ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ says:

    Still have warm weather. We have the weather you should be having, Den.

    Nurse and Jill just left, going back to the LR to watch TV so I can be with Bob.

    What can I say about our oligarchy. Have seen it coming on for years. We’re doomed.


  3. David B. Benson says:

    Of course the cold rain had to start just as I set off for the 48 minute stick walk to the Birch & Barley. Two flocks of birds along the way after the bevy of a dozen or so of young quail seen out the window at home. Very busy here as this is homecoming weekend. Fortunately there was a table available for an early customer like me.

    Not looking forward to the walk back; too cold.


  4. Den says:

    Summer is done.
    Fall is in the air, pumpkins everywhere out there. Plastic China skeletons, I always wondered what they did with their dead, smash them flat and let the buzzards pick them clean, dip them in plastic then box them up and send them to America for Halloween decorations,


  5. Den says:

    Soon we will all be at the Skeleton Disco:


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