Wavy Wednesday


Dave Sandford has always been drawn to the water. “From my early childhood, I’ve always had a fascination with oceans and lakes, and the creatures that live within them,” he told BuzzFeed Canada.

He recently spent time on Lake Erie shooting the Great Lake’s turbulent fall season. From mid-October to mid-November, the longtime professional sports photographer travelled each week to Port Stanley, Ontario, on the edge of Lake Erie to spend hours taking photos.

This series of images shows what this Great Lake looks like after the sunbathers and boaters leave and the weather begins to turn. His goal was to capture the exact moment when lake waves driven by gusting winds collide with a rebound wave that’s created when the water hits a pier and collection of boulders on the shore.


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17 Responses to Wavy Wednesday

  1. Micki says:

    Dr. B….do these cuts impact the student music programs that you so thoroughly enjoy — and support?

    WSU announces budget cuts to deal with deficit

    BY NICHOLAS K. GERANIOS Associated Press


    Washington State University is announcing big budget cuts to reduce an estimated $30 million annual deficit.

    School President Kirk Schulz announced the cuts in an online statement Monday evening.

    Each department at all five of WSU’s campuses has been instructed to reduce spending by 2.5 percent in fiscal 2018, which Schulz hopes shaves $10 million from the deficit each year until the books balance in three years.

    Schulz said jobs in many departments are being eliminated, although he did not specify how many.

    The Performing Arts program will be eliminated at the end of this performance season, he said.

    “These decisions are painful,” Schulz said. “They will disrupt lives, and the consequences of eliminating and reducing positions will ripple throughout our community.”

    WSU spokesman Phil Weiler said the Pullman-based university should expect more changes.

    The $30 million deficit includes about an $8.5 million shortfall in the Athletics Department, Weiler said. That is down from a $13 million athletic deficit a year ago.

    About 85 percent of the school’s operating budget goes to salaries and benefits, so Schulz said staff reductions are inevitable.

    Last month, WSU’s chief budget officer, Joan King, told the Board of Regents that the school had spent about 56 percent of its reserves since 2013.

    Schulz said some jobs that were intended to be temporary have become permanent as departments used reserve funds to retain them. Some of those temporary jobs were in the Office of Multicultural Student Services to help support an increasingly diverse student body, Schulz said.

    Other departments facing staff reductions include student affairs and finance and administration.

    The Performing Arts program, which brings performances to campus, does not receive state or tuition funding and is not self-supporting, Schulz said.

    While the program contributes to the community’s cultural richness, Schulz said “ticket sales, grants and gifts are not enough to keep it financially viable.”

    Schulz has focused on reducing the university’s deficit since he became president in 2016.


  2. Micki says:

    Einstein was a BIG tipper! 😉


  3. David B. Benson says:

    Speedy. By one second just 41 minutes to the Tokyo Seoul.


    • David B. Benson says:

      After 56 minutes at the Hillside Cafe for some coffee and pie while reading the newspapers. The nascent theater arts revival goes away with Performing Arts. All units supposed to clip 2.5% but Greg hasn’t mentioned that so maybe the School of Music can avoid that this year at least. Maybe my sizable contributions helped convince the dean to send the pain elsewhere in the college.


    • David B. Benson says:

      Daily total of 68 minutes.

      Day 4: 169+68=237 minutes.


  4. Carol ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ says:

    Chilly again today, but we had sunshine. Pool ready for winter cover.

    I went to my pool place, got my shock, went to Mason to the bank then to Meijer’s for some groceries. Mostly needed vegetables. I saw in the paper the other day that they had a listeria problem with some of their produce, but I figure they took care of it so I bought my veggies.

    Finally got a shower tonight. Bob was pretty settled, figured I could trust him to not try to get up and he didn’t. Feels good to be clean again, lol. I’m always so afraid to leave the LR for very long. Feel I have to keep my eye on him even though he hasn’t tried to get up in a week, or more.


  5. Den says:

    You are getting sleepy, very sleepy, very very sleepy:


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