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  1. Den says:



  2. Den says:

    Carlos Nakai, pleasant music and gorgeous video, 1 hr long, give yourself an hour and some headphones and relax.


    • Micki says:

      I didn’t watch in its entirety…but right you are, Den! This is moving.

      Thanks for posting it! I will go back to this time and again.


      • Den says:

        I know! I enjoy the Native American flute, just stumbled onto it on YouTube, I was stunned by the visuals, time lapse, OMG, there when you need a super-chill.


  3. Carol ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ says:

    Had frost out there yesterday morning. Didn’t notice if we had it this morning.

    I had to call Hospice the last two evenings in a row, catheter stopped flowing, had to be flushed. Last night’s nurse wants ME to do it, showed me how. No way José! Nurse Beth came out this morning, she said since a nurse comes out every day now they will flush it for me. Thank goodness.

    Tip of penis still hurts. The blockage doesn’t cause the pain. He has a couple more days of antibiotic but it’s probably not an infection or you would think it would have started to stop hurting. Beth may end up changing the catheter. She said it’s supposed to be changed once a month. I’m going to go outside when she does that. When they first put it in he cried out for me. 😦

    He doesn’t seem to be too bad today.


    • Den says:

      Tips on Catheters, no pun intended, can be found HERE

      “Catheter changes are not indicated for all patients at 4-week intervals; timing of catheter changes should be individualized.”

      “Indications for changing the catheter include obstruction, either by encrustation or mucus, symptomatic infection, or leakage around the catheter.”

      “Latex catheters are prone to encrustation and require more frequent changes than silicone or hydrogel-coated latex.”


    • Den says:

      Might be the latex if it isn’t anything else, have them use a silicone replacement.

      Poor Bob, just trying to give you your dignity back, I’d say hang in there, (too pun-ish) but instead I’ll just say goodbye, we never met but I always knew you through Carol.

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  4. David B. Benson says:

    Via city hall across the street to deposit my ballot, 25 minutes to the patio door of the Old Post Office. Saw a chipmunk on Maple Street Extension so the squirrels haven’t driven all the chipmunks away.


  5. Den says:

    Half Moon out there, 80 here today, blizzard in Minnesoter. I have to think, hmmmm where would I rather be?

    Staying put for now, January is On the Market Time, they are jacking the rent $15/mo starting in February costing me too much money for services provided which consist of a swimming pool I refuse to use, no clubhouse, no pool table, they just run around looking for items to peck at you for like my little rosebush too close to the propane tank and the maintenance thug that annihilated my St. Johns Wort, fenced off and everything, he kicks the fence off and blammo, idiot.

    The park owners think they have a captive audience because no one can pull their double-wide out, too much work and expense, so they jack the rent little by little, same time next year, it’s a well promoted racket for those that lack mercy and empathy.

    This park alone brings in close to a million annual and it’s ‘corporate owners’ have at least 6 more like it scattered throughout the State.

    I guess I am just not used to renting, I have always owned my homes, not rentals, and the ownership always paid off when selling, until the job went away and I was left with no job and two diseases, forced to downsize rapidly, this seemed to be the best choice considering what little I had to work with. Now it has worn out it’s welcome and my wallet, time to move on once again, #20.


  6. Den says:

    Those Dodgers, behind by 2, 7th, yes, a real nail-biter ladies and gentlemen.


  7. Den says:

    Do not let this man continue, Dodgers!


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