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Spooky Tuesday

New Yorkers aren’t strangers to ghost roommates, whether they be literal dead spirits or Craigslist randos who pay rent but never seem to sleep in the apartment. Still, if you’d like to upgrade your number of haunted bedrooms from two to seven, Staten Island’s famed … Continue reading

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Molester-in-Chief Monday

As the aftershocks from Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual misconduct spread to other powerful men in Hollywood and media, a group of women for whom the allegations are “gross but familiar” are wondering if the fallout will reach an even more … Continue reading

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Sunny Sunday

M-CLASS SOLAR FLARE: A new sunspot rotating into view over the sun’s southeastern limb erupted during the late hours of Oct. 20th. The resulting M1-class solar flare broke a string of deep quiet that has lasted since mid-September. An extreme UV telescope onboard … Continue reading

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Saturday Stewings

It’s not news to most people that the US in no longer a true Democracy. Gilens and Page proved it in 2014, using hard data. More recently, the Economist’s Democracy Index, dropped the US down to a “flawed democracy,” in … Continue reading

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Bugmageddon Thursday

The abundance of flying insects has plunged by three-quarters over the past 25 years, according to a new study that has shocked scientists. Insects are an integral part of life on Earth as both pollinators and prey for other wildlife … Continue reading

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#2 Wednesday

Pence’s odds of becoming President are long but not prohibitive. Of his forty-seven predecessors, nine eventually assumed the Presidency, because of a death or a resignation. After Lyndon Johnson decided to join the ticket with John F. Kennedy, he calculated … Continue reading

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